Delicious Beer to Drink on National Beer Day

April 7th is National Beer Day! If you are someone who doesn’t like the taste of regular beer, you are not alone, this list is for you. Here are a few options of delicious “beer” to drink for people who don’t like beer.

1. Angry Orchard

Although Angry Orchard is technically a hard cider rather than a beer, it is very popular at restaurants and bars usually have it on tap. With many different options, including Crisp Apple, Green Apple, Apple Ginger and Summer Honey, you really can’t get a better tasting drink if you love cider.

2. Redds Apple Ale

Redd’s Apple Ale is similar to Angry Orchard, but it’s not a hard cider- it is really a beer brewed with apple flavor. So, if you want to be technically correct and drink real beer on National Beer Day but still want a delicious apple flavor, Redds is the drink for you.

3. Leinenkugel Shandy’s

A traditional shandy is beer mixed with a little something extra, like lemonade, soda or ginger ale. Leinenkugel makes many different types, including their Grapefruit and Summer Shandy’s.  Each batch begins with traditional weiss beer; the Grapefruit Shandy is combined with natural white grapefruit flavor, while the Summer Shandy is made with natural lemonade flavor. Both are great options for someone who wants to try a fruity and refreshing beer! (Grapefruit Shandy is available year round, while Summer Shandy is only available in the summer.)

4. Hard Root Beer


Hard Root Beer is becoming a very popular drink, and for good reason! Hard root beer tastes very similar to a regular root beer soda, without much taste of alcohol (some say they can’t taste any alcohol at all!) Many brewers are making their own version of hard root beer, so it won’t be hard to find. Some include Not Your Father’s Root Beer, Forbidden Root, and Sprecher Fire Brewed Hard Root Beer.