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I’ve recently started watching Degrassi: The Next Generation again, and I am just in awe of how many different couples or ships are created each season. I’m on season 11 right now, and I thought it would be fun to tier-list all the official couples from this series. So let’s get into it.

*Note: I’m only halfway finished with season 11, so there are couples I do not remember or know will happen. Also, some couples maybe be missing, such as the ones from Next Class.*


Fiona and Imogen (Fimogen <3) → Literally love them. Should’ve been endgame.

Jay and Manny→ Though with their ups and downs, it was a cute opposites attract love story.


J.T, and Liberty

Riley and Zane → They were cute together, but Riley just had a lot to deal with and I felt Zane was just a little too pushy. However, I can see why Zane was frustrated with Riley. I hope in the Degrassi world, they find each other after Riley is more confident with himself and give each other another chance.

Spinner and Jane → Kind of wished they ended up together.

They Were Cute

Jenna and Connor → Not here yet, but I remember them being cute!

Declan and Holly J

Jimmy and Hazel

Alex and Paige → Used to be my favorite couple, but then I rewatched their story and I saw how much their differences and goals didn’t align. They had different values and ways of living, which resulted in them not being able to thrive as a couple. Alex made lots of mistakes and Paige did too, but some things just can’t be sustained. Still thought they were cute.

Sean and Emma → Though very messy and mistakes were made on both parts (mostly Sean), they had their moments of cuteness.

Love Them for the drama

Sav and Anna

Craig and Ashley → I used to think Ashley was the best coupling with Craig, but now I think no one is the best coupling with Craig. Craig was not my favorite because of all the cheating and lies. I really do wonder why he had all these back-and-forths with the same three girls.

Claire and Eli → Now these two were the most dramatic couple in Degrassi (aside from Drew and Bianca). Claire was just so dramatic, and Eli wasn’t far behind her. However, I do know he had mental health problems that he was dealing with, but he still had his over-the-top moments. I’m currently on the part where Claire is dating Jake, so I hope she doesn’t get back with Eli. Low key kind of toxic, but very dramatic.


Dave and Ally 

Craige and Ellie → The power Craig had over Ellie should be illegal.

Danny and Chantay

Marco and Dylan → I completely lost all like towards Dylan when he cheated on Marco when he was in college. Then he basically ghosts him when he moves away abroad. Good riddance.

Sean and Ellie

Clare and Jake

Jimmy and Ashley

Jimmy and Trina

Sav and Holly J

Spinner and Darcy

J.T. and Mia

Emma and Spinner

Spinner and Paige

Toby and Kendra

So forgettable

Danny and Mia

Imogen and Eli

Emma and Kelly

Adam and Fiona

Holly J and Blue

West and Hannah

Peter and Mia

Manny and J.T.

everyone makes mistakes

Alli and Johnny → Big Yikes!

Maya and Campbell

Dave and Sadie

Jane and Declan → Never cross Spinner again.

Alli and Drew → So toxic!

Drew and Bianca → Just as dramatic as Claire and Eli, maybe even more. The whole gang thing was a good plot in Drew’s story (I guess), but Bianca just became irrelevant. I just think their relationship was just meh.

Ellie and Jesse → Jesse is such a cheater!! Then hooking up with Caitlin, Ellie’s mentor, is such a sleazy, stupid, dumb move. Not that Ellie is my favorite character, but she definitely deserved better. 

Fiona and Riley → Pretty self-explanatory. 

Emma and Peter → The fact that anyone decided out of their free will to date Peter is beyond me. He sent Manny’s revealing photo, gave pictures to a grown man of an underaged girl in revealing clothes, and he’s done much more stupid crap. What was it that made these girls fall for him, I do not know.

K.C. and Jenna → Another guy on Degrassi that is a big yikes. I do not like K.C. at all. However, Jenna now knows what it feels like to have a boyfriend stolen away from you by some cheerleader (right, Claire)!

K.C. and Claire → Speaking of Claire… 

Manny and Craig → Just a whole mistake in itself, but a great learning experience. I just don’t like anyone with Craig to be honest.

Anya and Owen

Peter and Darcy → Love how Peter’s girlfriends were just leaving for different countries lol!

Spinner and Manny → Immedialty no!

Throw the Whole couple away

Claire and Drew → Too weird of a pairing

Emma and Damian

Drew and Becky → Why????

Emma and Jay

Fiona and Bobby → I’m so glad he was found guilty. 

Imogen and Jack → Sorry, I’m a Fimogen stan. Plus, Jack was not it.

Terri and Rick → No comment…

Jay and Alex

K.C. and Marisol

Leia and Danny

Toby and Liberty

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