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Definition of a Collegiette

As we approach nearly the fifth week of school, it is now time to change gears and realize it is no longer “syllabus week.” Instead of spending nights joking around with our friends, we now find ourselves locked in the library for endless hours tucked away behind our books and notes.    We’ve all been there, stressed out of our minds with homework seeming endlessly, but then there’s that girl that seems to have everything together. You know the one I’m talking about, she’s in every club, Dean’s List student, always seems to have time to dress perfectly, eat healthy, and is on top of world.  And as I sit struggling to finish my paper I wonder, how can I be her?  She is the definition of a collegiette.
Now, no, I am not the girl who will spend time to meal prep my healthy meals for the week, or the one that can plan cute outfits every day.  Instead, I am currently writing this article in my sweats and making popcorn, but I think we all display one quality that can make us, average everyday girls, collegiettes as well. I may not be like the girl I mentioned above, but I do try hard in class. I do try hard in balancing my many clubs and organizations I’m in and in improving myself. But, most importantly I try hard in working towards my dream career goals.

If you want to be a good collegiate, go that extra step.  Make your agenda your best friend, join that new club, and maybe even start studying for that test on Friday even though it is only Monday. You have the means to make the most of your four years here at college, so do it. Yes, sometimes it will be hard balancing everything, but that is what makes you special and follows the true definition of a collegiette.

You want advice from a collegiette? Well here’s my advice. Relax and breathe.  We are not as limitless as we appear, and we take on more than we can handle. We make mistakes. It is okay to not have everything figured out yet or to be perfect. Eat that extra cookie because of the boy who broke your heart or sing on top of your lungs instead of finishing your essay. But know, in the end, we are still young, thriving, collegiettes.  What makes us collegiettes is that we accept our faults and push ourselves harder to work towards our goal. You can do it.


Your Fellow Collegiette

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