Dear TCNJ Class of 2023

Dear TCNJ Class of 2023,

I can see it in your eyes that you’re all full of excitement and fear for the world you’re about to enter. This world is a place without parents or guardians, a place without silly school dress codes, a place without anyone to watch your every move, and a place where you have complete freedom. You have all dreamt about this moment of escape since you were little kids, but now that it’s finally here, you sit in your room, lying on your bed, wondering, “What did I get myself into?” 

Your college days will be spent changing who you are, changing what you like and don’t like, and learning more about yourself and others around you. You will not be the same person you were when you finish your freshman year, and that’s okay. It’s more than okay. I want to personally tell you that it’s normal to be uncomfortable in a new situation. It’s perfectly fine to not know what you’re doing, because honestly, none of us know what we’re actually doing here, either. We’re just winging it and hoping it works out in our favor. 

Your favorite memories are not created from the moments you felt safe and didn’t take a leap a faith. The best moments in life come from telling yourself, “Okay, just do it. It’ll be fine.” and seriously just doing it. Going out for the first time after a breakup, talking to someone you normally wouldn’t talk to and realizing “Wow, we’re gonna be great friends,” saying yes when you would normally say no because WHO CARES? These four years are youryears to take into your own hands and to make into something meaningful out of them.

You chose TCNJ for a reason, maybe it’s because the school is affordable, maybe it’s because you loved your Ambassador tour guide, or maybe it’s because you felt at home once you stepped on campus. TCNJ is now your new place of opportunity and growth, and I promise you that you will find a place to fit in because there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s Greek Life, or a club, or finding people to vibe with on your freshman floor, you guys are entering a new chapter of life where you have complete control for the first time, and all that matters is what you’re going to do for yourself with all that control. Who are you? Who are you meant to be? How will you achieve everything you want to achieve? The world is a place of endless possibilities, but you have to make those opportunities happen for yourself. 

Don’t let your little doubts or fears stop you from jumping into another chapter of your life because you’re all going to do great things during and after your time at TCNJ.


Your Future Fellow Collogues