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David Giraldo, TCNJam Program Co-Director

Disclaimer: This article has been edited as of Monday, March 6, 2017 at 10:09 PM. The statement that David is the program director is incorrect, he is the co-director alongside Emma Pasula.

In 2015, TCNJ joined the dozens of other colleges across America that have teamed up with the B+ Foundation.  After 2007, Joe McDonough founded the B+ Foundation in honor of his son Andrew.  The foundation strives to raise money for families struggling with the financial burden that comes with caring for a child with cancer.  The foundation works to raise awareness, as well as fund research for cures and advancements in treatment options.  Saturday, March 4th will be the 3rd annual TCNJam, a day long dance-a-thon benefitting the B+ Foundation.  Senior David Giraldo has been passionate about TCNJam since it started, and is now the program’s co-director. 

How did you first get involved in TCNJam?

It all started when I first got into Sigma Alpha Epsilon.  During that time it was about to be the first TCNJam and we had just recently gotten paired with our B+ Hero, Will.  Right out of the gate, I was interested because I’ve had family members who suffered from cancer.  From there, I got super involved with him and then I was the B+ chair for SAE.  Then, I became the Programming Co-Executive Board Chair so I oversaw our B+ Chair and our philanthropy and community service in general.

(Please note, Emma Pasula is the other program co-director!)

What about this organization made you want to get involved and hold a position?

The B+ Foundation has so much transparency, that’s the great part about it.  If you donate $1,000 you know your money went to assist a family whose child is in the hospital.  They need money to help pay for rent, their mortgage, or for electricity and groceries.  So that’s why I love the organization, the foundation lets you know exactly where your money is going so you can feel like you really did something for the community. 

Has there been one moment that’s been the most rewarding part about your involvement with The B+ Foundation?

I’m hoping for this Saturday to be that moment.  It has been a lot of work and that will just remind that all of this work has been completely worth it when we see how much in total we raised for the B+ Foundation.  I know that we’re helping hundreds and hundreds of families, and I just want the rest of the TCNJ community to know the kind of impact we’re making. 

Is there anything specific you’re hoping to achieve this year?

Our goal is $75,000.  Other than that I’m hoping to throw an event that solidifies TCNJam as an event on our campus and that people get excited year after year. 

Giraldo would like to thank his fellow board members Emma Pasula, Jane Murphy, Loriana Attanasio, Kendall Walker, Matt Ranieri, Matthew Krauss, Mike Natto and for all their hard work!  If you’re interested in learning more about TCNJam or donating, visit this page! https://www.beposfdn.org/bpos_index.aspx?eventtag=TCNJ2017

Victoria is a senior at The College of New Jersey and a features editor for HCTCNJ.  She is majoring in Journalism and Professional Writing, and minoring in Marketing & Communications.   
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