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Cute, Non-basic Group Costumes to Try this Halloween

It’s officially the spookiest and arguably best time of the year! I, for one, love dressing up each year for Halloween–– yet I never know what costume to wear. If you face the same problem I do, I got you covered. Here are some non-basic, super cute group Halloween costumes for you and your friends to use. 

MEans girls christmas outfit

Who could forget this iconic scene? If you are looking to be in a more jolly mood this Halloween, this costume could be perfect for you and your three friends.

Shop this look: Amazon, outfit, ($38)

Sun and moon

This costume is so cute and easy for you and your best friend. All you need is a sun and moon headpiece, and you are good to go. Plus, this is the perfect opportunity to wear your favorite gold and silver outfits.

Shop this look: Amazon, tank ($9), skirt ($23), sun headpiece ($16), moon headpiece ($11)

The chipettes

Want a costume that is cute and nostalgic? This may be the costume for you! All you need are chipmunk ears, a head mic, and pink, purple, and green dresses.

Shop this look: Amazon, dress ($38), ears ($12), mic ($11)

pink ladies

This costume is a classic and it is so easy to add a modern twist. All you need is the pink jacket and you can wear whatever else you want underneath.

Shop this look: Amazon, jacket ($25)

The three good fairies (sleeping beauty)

With fairy costumes seeming to be the trend this Halloween, why not add a little twist? If you are a Disney fanatic like me, this costume may be great for you.

Shop this look: Amazon, wand ($10), hat ($4), wings ($13)

the Heathers

I don’t know about you, but Heathers is one of my favorite 80’s movies. If you want to pay tribute to an iconic movie, this will be a perfect choice. 

Shop this look: Amazon, socks ($10), skirt ($24), jacket ($28)

Black and white swan

This costume idea is so underused for no reason. It is so cute, plus it leaves room for some amazing makeup if you are up for it.

Shop this look: Amazon, leotard and tutu ($24), black crown ($18), white head piece ($10), wings ($15)

Alex Forton is a freshman Marketing major at TCNJ. She loves anything pop culture related. Her favorite pastime is to watch dog videos on TikTok.
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