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Cupcakes for a Cause!

Out of the 130 million youth who are out of school worldwide, 70 percent are female.

Despite this startling statistic, less than two cents of each dollar in the developing world goes to girls.

This is why She’s The First—a nonprofit organization that sponsors girls’ education in developing nations, such as Nepal, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Tanzania—aims to empower and educate young women. She’s The First believes that if a girl is given the opportunity to get an education, she has the potential to do anything her heart desires.

In support of this cause, high schools and college campuses across the country are joining together to hold tie-dye cupcake sales during the week of November 1 through November 8.
Not only are schools supporting the cause, but Her Campus is a proud sponsor as well (which also explains why
there were cupcakes on the site’s background this week).

Her Campus TCNJ is cosponsoring an on-campus cupcake sale with ED@TCNJ, Theta Phi Alpha, and W.I.L.L. on Tuesday, November 8 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Student Center.

As if helping our fellow females wasn’t enough motivation, the cause is even more special for Her Campus TCNJ because the founder and president of She’s The First is an alumna (and former Campus Celebrity)!

Tammy Tibbetts graduated from TCNJ in 2007, and began She’s The First in 2009. She was inspired after traveling to Liberia and working with schoolchildren there. Through the power of social media, She’s The First has grown exponentially, allowing individuals across the country to connect and come together in support of this cause.

How can you help?! By buying a delicious dessert this Tuesday, you can make a difference. All funds raised will be donated directly to She’s The First!

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