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Clothes Your Closet Needs This Winter

The winter weather is in full swing and we’re already freezing! Here are some cute winter accessories that will keep you warm from your fingers to your toes! Bundle up and let’s get shopping.

1.     Fingerless gloves – $20, Francesca’s Boutique

It’s a must to keep your hands and fingers warm during the winter, but there’s always the problem with texting with gloves on! The sensitive-touch gloves don’t always work, but these fingerless gloves are the perfect solution to keep your hand warm while texting outside.

2. Over the knee socks – $6.90, Forever 21

Socks are such a cute and simple way to accessorize! They look so cute peeking out of any size boot for the winter, while also adding the extra warmth to our toes – which always seem to feel the cold first! These ones have a pattern at the top for adding a more stylistic feeling to any simple outfit. 

3. Stripe twister ear warmer – $20, Urban Outfitters

Head wraps are a winter staple. They keep your ears from being exposed to the freezing temperatures, while also taming your hair and adding such a cute accessory that can’t be worn during any other season! These head wraps/ear warmers seem especially cute with a wavy hair look. 

4. Faux Fur Loop Scarf – $28.00, Francesca’s Boutique

Faux fur is so in this season! We’re finding fur all over the runways and stacked along all the shelves of stores like Forever 21 and H&M. This cute faux fur scarf will have you feeling like you’re still under the warmth of your favorite blanket in bed. 

5. Hooded Scarf – $39, Urban Outfitters

This interesting accessory offers a warmer option for a jacket that may be considered more of a fall-piece. Add this hood to an outfit with a leather jacket and you have a hood to keep you warm and an extra layer around your face! This item is such a great transitional piece. 

6. Faux Fur Slippers – $12.90, Forever 21

Being college students, we’re always running down the hall to ask a floor-mate a question on the homework, or quickly making bathroom trips. We all know that shoes are a MUST in the hallways of dorms, but flip-flops are so out of season. These faux fur slippers are the perfect warm option for the cool months. 

7. Hat with ears – $24.00, Francesca’s Boutique

Continuing with the theme of keeping our head and ears warm during such a cold season, this hat adds such a cute aspect from other ordinary beanies. The ears are a cute touch that can turn any outfit into casual and fun! 

8. I hate winter hat – $28.00, Forever 21

Last but not least, we know winter can get the best of us. Sometimes we’re just not feelin’ the cold. Here’s a hilarious hat that would make a great gift this season!

Kyra Mackesy graduated The College of New Jersey with a BA in Journalism and Professional Writing and a minor in Criminology in 2019. While at TCNJ, she was an active member of their Her Campus chapter, holding a wide array of positions: President and Campus Correspondent, Editor-in-Chief, Senior Editor, Marketing and Publicity Director, and Social Media Manager. She loved seeing her chapter grow throughout her four years in college, and will remain an active Her Campus Alumni.
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