Chloe Sklans: Student Leader, Feminist, Activist

Just a Sophomore at TCNJ, Chloe Sklans is unafraid to demonstrate her unabashed passion for women’s rights through her involvement on-campus. Sklans is the programming chair of WILL, a sister of Sigma Kappa, and a member of Iota Iota Iota, the women’s gender studies honor society. “I find passion in being an activist and WILL is the perfect place to allow me to do that” Sklans said.

In fact, Sklans involvement in these organizations has contributed greatly to her desire to become a therapist as well as work in women’s trauma. “I am a feminist and I care strongly about being able to make a difference in the world around me and the empowered women in WILL help guide and support me through that journey” Sklans said. Not only is Chloe driven to pursue this career path, she is constantly inspired by the girls in these on-campus organizations. It is these experiences that contribute to her desire and her passion to fight for what is right for all women.

In fact, being inspired by other strong-minded women is what drove her to join Sigma Kappa. “I joined Sigma Kappa because of the amazing women in the organization and how much we do for our philanthropy. I wanted to reach out and make friends and find people who accept me and Sigma Kappa was the perfect place for that that” Sklans noted. Not only has Sigma Kappa allowed Chloe to have a powerful network of women behind her, they have given her confidence to be herself, no matter what. In fact, “they have shown me that it’s important to be yourself and stand up for what you believe in” and this organization is what Sklans draws upon to give her strength.

Aside from being an involved sister in Sigma Kappa, Chloe credits TCNJ for allowing her to grow into the person she is today, “TCNJ has really taught me so much and has me such an informed, better person. TCNJ has shaped me into who I am, today”.

As a psychology and women-gender studies double major, Chloe is constantly given a valid rationale to pursue activism, “I want to be able to leave a legacy at TCNJ through my activism and the work I’ve done in WILL and my sorority”.   

Ultimately, Chloe Sklans embodies what it means to be a feminist at TCNJ. She is able to bring her passion for activism in everything she does, and she is always unapologetically herself. Her inspiring words encourage those around her to take pride in their individuality, a characteristic that is sure to serve her well as in the field women’s trauma and therapy.

It is her wise words that will continue to inspire those around her and make her worthy of this profile, “I want to be able to show people that being yourself and fighting for what you believe in really can make a change in the world and community around you.”