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Chick-elodeon! A tribute to the ladies of Nick ‘toons

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

Growing up, the girls from Nickelodeon cartoons were sometimes overshadowed by their male counterparts. They didn’t always receive the recognition they deserved. Nevertheless, they still made an impact in my memory and the shows wouldn’t have been the same without them!

In honor of “The 90’s Are All That” (Teen Nick’s revival of its shows from that decade), here’s a look back at my five favorite female characters:

1. Susie Carmichael
On “Rugrats,” Susie put up with Angelica’s bratty self and even tried to be her friend. Though she was slightly older, she was always nice to all the Rugrats, joining in on their adventures and sharing their sense of imagination. Oh, and she was quite stylish — hello, purple leggings!

2. Reggie Rocket

This “Rocket Power” chick was all about girl power. She surfed and skated with her brother Otto and friends, showing that she was just as athletic as all the guys! Plus, she carried out her journalistic ambitions when in one episode she started her own magazine called “The Zine.” How Her Campus of her!

3. Phoebe Heyerdahl
This “Hey Arnold” girl had brains. She was the smartest student at P.S. 118, and much more likeable than her pal Helga. She even got to skip ahead to the sixth grade — which seemed so cool at the time. However, for a genius, she should’ve known how to stand up for herself and not always follow in Helga’s footsteps. Still, she was a good friend with a good head on her shoulders – admirable qualities for a cartoon.

4. Patty Mayonnaise
As a kid, I had a doll of Patty (my sisters had Skeeter and Doug ones). Something about her – maybe it was her Southern accent or polka dot shirt – made me want to be just like her.
Also, she was the girl of Doug’s dreams — and his frequent journaling. He even wrote a song about her: “Patty you’re the pickle in my coleslaw. Patty you’re the sugar in my tea. Patty you’re the relish on my hot dog, and Patty you’re the mayonnaise for me.” Who knew food could be so romantic?

5. Ginger Foutley

Not only was the theme song catchy, but I remember “As Told By Ginger” being a huge hit among the girls in my 5th grade class. I’m pretty sure Ginger made me want to start a diary — she was always so reflective and realistic.

Speaking of “As Told By Ginger,” last summer my sister and I reminisced by looking up Ginger’s BFF Macie’s performance of “The Little Seal Girl” from the talent show episode. “I know I must stay chipper, one day I’ll find a friend to hold my flipper,” she sang. So optimistic!

(While technically the Little Seal Girl makes it a list of six chicks, I couldn’t write about “As Told by Ginger” without mentioning Macie!)