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Celebrity Look-a-Likes Spotted at TCNJ!

Apparently TCNJ isn’t just blessed with the best and the brightest; we have plenty of students that would give the hottest celebs (and cartoons!) a run for their money. Check out some of these TCNJ students and their celeb look-alikes.

If you’ve mistaken sophomore nursing major, Katie Teets for Scarlett Johansen, trust us, you are not the first. “One time a random old man told me I looked like her when I was hiking the Grand Canyon,” says Katie.

Ever since Dom Azzolini, a senior civil engineering major, was told he looks like “that guy from ‘The Hangover’” (aka Bradley Cooper) while shopping at the mall, he’s been hearing it more and more. When asked what he thought of the resemblance, Dom replied, “Anytime you're told that you resemble ‘The Sexiest Man Alive’ you can't really complain!

When Andy Azarcon came to TCNJ, people kept informing her of her striking resemblance to Nicki Minaj; in fact, a co-worker even started calling her Nicki!

“I'm flattered! I adore Nicki's creative and bold style, and if I'm emulating that in some way, I think I'm doing something right,” says Andy.

If Aladdin’s beautiful princess Jasmine were to take human form, she would be our very own Shabani Ahluwalia, a pre-med junior at TCNJ. “I think it's an honor to be compared to Jasmine. Aladdin is my number one favorite Disney movie… I actually own all three!” admits Shabani.

Photo Credit: Disney Studios

“I would probably have to associate myself most with his Mickey Mouse Club days,” said Bill Carrig, a senior business major on his striking resemblance to Ryan Gosling. According to Bill, he was first told he looks like Gosling in high school, but he’s heard it much more in college.

Sabrina Alex, a freshman finance major has been told plenty of times that she could pass for Mindy Kalig, also known as the hilarious Kelly Kapoor from The Office. Not only does her appearance match that of Kapoor, but she’s also been told that their fun personalities are a match. “I love hearing that. We are both very outgoing, spontaneous, bubbly people!” says Sabrina.

When Joe Palmisano’s friends told him he looked like Vincent Laruso, more commonly known as Adam Banks from the Mighty Ducks, he couldn’t agree more. “Google Adam Banks and you’ll basically find me,” said Joe, a junior history and secondary-education major at the College.

When Hayley Adams, a sophomore at TCNJ was told she looks like 90210’s AnnaLynne McCord, she couldn’t believe it. “I see a few similarities between us, but I can only dream as looking half as pretty as she does,” says Hayley.

Even though Kevin Kley, a history and secondary-education major at TCNJ “doesn’t see the resemblance” to Matt Damon, plenty of his friends compare him to the Academy Award-winning actor.

“I get along great with my roommate, we’re actually good friends.” says Leigh Cesanek, a freshman marketing major. Fortunately, her roomie experience is different from Minka Kelly’s in The Roommate; but we can’t say the same about their appearance!

    Photo Credit: AP

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