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Caitlyn McNair: Bonner, Scholar, Leader

This week’s Campus Celeb is HCTCNJ’s co-editor-in-chief, Caitlyn McNair! Cait is one busy celeb & loves every second of her life! Meet one of the collegiates that makes HCTCNJ great.

Caitlyn is extremely driven, motivated, and organized. “My focus throughout my college career is to dedicate myself to my future. I’m involved in an array of different organizations and I end up having to micromanage my time to make sure everything fits, but I love every second of my busy life. Everything that I do, I absolutely love. I may get stressed out at times when I have an 8 hour service day followed by meetings and studying or writing a paper, but I manage to get it all done by keeping my focus on what’s important.”

Cait is a sophomore communications major in the interpersonal and organizational track with a concentration in health communication and a minor in psychology. Caitlyn volunteers her time as a Bonner scholar doing an average of 13 hours of service per week at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. In addition to being co-editor of Her Campus TCNJ, Caitlyn the secretary of the Public Health Communication Club and is on the Student Advisory Board for the Communications Department.

Caitlyn wouldn’t be able to do anything without planner and never goes anywhere without it.  “You could ask any of my friends about my relationship with my planner…it’s pretty serious. Last year I even got a bunch of my friends their own planners and I helped them plan out their semester for them.”  

Caitlyn’s strong support system keeps her motivated when she gets overwhelmed. “I also wouldn’t be able to do it without my roommate and my boyfriend who bring me chocolate at my most stressful times.” Her Aunt Sheila inspires her to pursue her dreams. “She’s gone through a lot, and has been very sick for years now. She never gives up and continuously works towards her goals no matter what obstacles try to stop her. She’s one of the reasons that I became interested in communications, as she is a professor at Monmouth University in the subject and always tells me about her interesting work.”

Whenever Caitlyn has free time, she can be found napping, watching puppy videos, or taking photographs. “A quote that I love that sums up my love for photography is: ‘This is what I like about photographs. They’re proof that once, even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect.’”-Jodi Picoult

As for what she’s going to do after graduation? Caitlyn has two more years at TCNJ to solidify future plans. For now, she knows she wants to dedicate her life to helping others. “One of my end-goals would be to have my own non-profit, but that would be way in the future. First, I think I want to be a consultant.”

Thanks for all that you do for HCTCNJ Caitlyn! 

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