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Brother Nature: The Steve Irwin of Our Generation at TCNJ 

If you have any type of social media, you’ve definitely seen a video, or two… or five of Kelvin Peña, also known as Brother Nature, on your feed. His videos are full of life, his bright smile, and amazingly cute animals that are sure to make your day! When he’s not feeding a baby goat or petting baby otters, he’s traveling around the world to raise awareness about animal rights, creating a school for children in need, and spreading the word that you should be carrying a reusable water bottle! #YUHHHHSaveTheEarth

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When TCNJ’S College Union Board (CUB) announced that Brother Nature would be one of the fall lectures at school, I almost lost my mind. BROTHER NATURE? AT TCNJ? He’s an internet personality with a huge following and he’s living his best life. I don’t know what I expected the lecture to be, but I knew that I had to be there in the same room as him. And honestly, I hoped he would bring a few of his animal friends with him! (He didn’t but it’s okay, we still stan.)

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When it comes to internet personalities, it’s usually not surprising to meet them and to see that they don’t portray who they truly are on social media, but this wasn’t the case for Kelvin at all. His lecture was full of good vibes, jokes, and just all-around amazingness. Whether it’s on Instagram or Twitter, Kelvin spreads positivity, and his lecture was nothing short of that. His story from before he went viral to now is quite amazing, and the fact that he has remained humble through the entire journey is refreshing and kind of restores my faith in humanity. 

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I loved listening to him, laughing with him, and even being able to snag a selfie with him after the lecture. I mean, who else would stand for an extra hour to take a picture with 250 college students? He doesn’t only make a lasting impact on social media, but he continually and positively impacts a generation that is so hard to reach. 

Thank you, Brother Nature for being you! 

IMG Source: Eunice Olugbile


Eunice is a current student at TCNJ, and she majors in Communications Studies with minors in Marketing and Graphic Design. She has also been the Graphic Designer for HC TCNJ since Fall of 2018. Although she only has her phone to take photos, she loves to capture the world around her, and doesn't care if she has to stop in the middle of traffic to do so! Eunice is also a food lover and the occasional Netflix and Hulu binger, with her favorite shows right now being "Quantico" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" (She thinks she could totally be a cop or FBI agent). Eunice and many of her favorite photographs can be found on her Instagram account, @blasianchronicles or @eundesigns.
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