Breakup Survival Guide

Ladies, I know breakups are one of the most painful experiences ever—other than getting your eyebrows waxed. Often you may think you’re “single and ready to mingle,” but have you really sat down and thought about whether or not you’re over your ex or moved on from the situation? Let’s face it, moving on after a breakup is not the easiest thing for women to do. Especially if there are some factors that still tie you two together. You may have the same set of friends or may even have the same classes together, but it is not impossible to free yourself from the relationship without any resentment or hurt.  I’ve created a list that will help young ladies move on from their past relationship and start embracing their freedom.

  1. Let it out and tell someone. When you tell someone how you truly feel, you will find closure within yourself, making it easier for you to move on.
  2. Get rid of anything that will remind you of him. I’m not saying throw all the memories away, but holding onto something of his will hinder your chances of actually moving on. Start off by throwing away any of his belongings like his T-shirt that you usually would wear.
  3. Reconnect with your friends and family. Spending time with those who love you is always a great way to help you move on. They will always reassure you that you will find someone who actually loves you, while also treating you to a great time full of laughs and hugs!
  4. Keep yourself occupied. Do your favorite hobbies or what interests you, focus on school and bettering yourself in every way possible. The more you do, the less time you will have reflecting on what was or what could have been.
  5. Take some time off for yourself. Learn what it’s like to have your freedom. Moving on from a relationship should not be rushed and I just want you to know that it takes time to heal. You need to embrace what it feels like to be yourself without having a significant other.Source

Cover Image Source: Dfiles