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Ben Delany ’19

Name - Ben Delany

Hometown- Wenonah, NJ

Age-  18

Major- Computer Engineering 

Sign? Cancer

Relationship status? Single

Hobbies? Soccer, Tennis, listening to music, and playing the guitar.

Biggest role model? Papa Delany, he’s a hard worker and cares about family above everything else.

Celeb crush? Emma Stone

Dream job? Retire and marry into wealth

Best compliment you ever received? That I look like Clark Kent (Superman)

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Gotham City

What do you plan on getting involved in at TCNJ? (What are you involved in?) Intermural sports, and club tennis.

Ideal date?   We fly to the southern coast of France and we dinner as the sun sets by the beach. As the sun sets I look at her and profess my love to her. 

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? On my first date with a beautiful woman who I will settle down with.

What is your greatest fear? Interviews and death

What’s your secret talent? I’m actually a pretty good cook, and snuggling.

Biggest turn on? I like girls that can have wide range conversations for a while, and that have good hair.

Biggest turn off? Girls who act ditsy for attention.

Favorite TV show? Breaking Bad

Guilty pleasure? Snuggling

Best childhood memory? – Vacationing with my family in Maine

What is a life goal you have (other than something career or family centered)? I would really enjoy producing or directing a movie.

Music- Indie, indie hip hop, and rock. 

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