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Being Apart on Valentine’s Day

I personally believe that Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday, made for people to waste money on expensive chocolates, flowers, and gifts to shower your significant other with. Although you should shower them with love everyday, February 14th is when you’re supposed to go all-out. I’m not a fan of the holiday, and I feel it’s more disappointing when you can’t spend it with the one you love. Due to the overwhelming amount of things going on as the spring semester starts, sometimes, it’s almost impossible to spend the day together. Although it can be tough, here are ways you can still enjoy this day, even when miles apart!

  1. DIY Care Package

A great way to show that you care about your loved on is to decorate a plain cardboard box with festive paper and stickers. Once your box is complete, fill it with all the things they love! Things you could include: their favorite snacks, a video game, handwritten letters, candies, and pictures of you both together!

   2.  Edible Arrangements

If you’re pressed for time, a great gift to show your love is delicious chocolate dipped fruit! Who can resist chocolate covered strawberries? Although it’s a little pricey, fresh fruit will be delivered straight to their door right on valentines day!

 3. Facetime Dinner Date

Although you can’t go out to a fancy dinner together, this is the next best thing! Taking time out of your evening to have dinner and talk face to face (almost) is almost like the same thing! It also shows your partner that you care and value them!

 4. Scheduling Future Plans

Another great way to show your partner you miss them is to plan a trip to come visit them! Buy your tickets and planning a romantic weekend when you’re both free is very shows you care and it gives you an opportunity to celebrate Valentine's Day later!



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