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Bachelorette 2019: Will Hannah Be Okay?

If you’ve been following season 23 of the Bachelor like me, you would know that the newest Bachelorette is…


Hannah Brown AKA Hannah B. AKA Alabama Hannah!


The season has been a rollercoaster for her. She had the squabble with fellow Miss USA contender, Caelynn Miller, which took up some time in the season, while also truly getting her heart broken by the Bachelor, Colton Underwood. Personally, I did not like her at first, but she grew on me, especially during the “The Women Tell All” episode when she said her peace to Colton. She was honest and ready to move on.

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I thought she matured a lot as the season went along, and I recognized her as a real person. Yes, she was awkward and couldn’t give a toast to save her life, but it was raw, and I thought it was somewhat refreshing to see someone like her on television. It might make for a very interesting season. After all, the Hannah Beast might come out during her show. And that will certainly be entertaining.

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As someone who’s only recently been into the Bachelor franchise, all I can say is that I’m excited to see more. Hannah B might not have been my first choice as the next Bachelorette, but hopefully, her season is just as interesting as Colton’s. And it definitely will be if Hannah Beast comes out to play.


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