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Ashley Fabian

If you don’t know Ashley Fabian yet, we can assure you that this week’s Campus Cutie is a real sweetheart. This cutie is heavily involved in all sorts of activities around campus, ranging from TCNJ Homecoming to Mystique, and she’s always eager to help people the best she can!

Name: Ashley Fabian
Year: Soph . . .Oh I mean, Junior!
Hometown: Asbury Park, New Jersey
In College for committing what crime? A.K.A, Why are you here?: I am here to study communications in hopes of bettering my community someday, and to inspire others to work towards their future.
What do you love to do when you’re not studying?: I love to listen to music, sing, step and dance. I like to write poetry, short stories, screen plays, and . . . my own quotes. Haha! I’m serious. And then I post them on my wall.
What is your ultimate date?: Something out of the ordinary but very ordinary. Like chilling at home watching a chick flick, eating pizza, you know? Something so chill, we don’t have to pretend and get dressed up just to go out and be awkward around each other. We can just be ourselves.
T-dubbs or the Rat?: The Rat… I guess.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?: I would travel to Haiti to open my own school and make sure all the voices of my people will be heard.

Favorite childhood memory/past-time?: It has to be in my church singing in the youth choir. We used to go on tours, seriously! We would sing in Spanish, Creole, and English… although we didn’t know what we were singing half the time! But we had great fun.
Dreams?: Opening my own community center and helping kids, working for a major T.V. channel and making my own show. Oh, and being on Broadway. And writing my own book.
Advice?: Follow your dreams! And don’t let people or your situation limit what you can be because there is always tomorrow and something you can always do to be better.

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