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April Fool’s Day Pranks

Want to be a prankster and trick your friends for April Fool’s Day? Go ahead and read on!

1) Bloody tissue: This simple prank can be done using a tissue and a red marker and/or red food dye. Hold the red marker down on the tissue to mimic “bloody spots”, crumple it up and put it in your pocket. Secretly take it out in front of a friend, or even a stranger if you’re feeling ballsy, and put on your best acting skills!

2) Why isn’t my soap working: Paint your friend or roommates bar of soap with clear nail polish. Enjoy watching the confusion overwhelm them as the bar of soap fails.

3) New room decor: Cover every single table and item in your friend’s room with post-its. Hopefully they’ll like their new room décor!

4) Cotton ball car: This prank may not work since the weather has been getting warmer. But if temperatures drop, dip a ton of cotton balls in water and leave them to freeze overnight all over your friend’s car.

5) Offer them a cup of water: Fill up fifty (or more depending how devilish you are) cups of water and place them on the floor of your friend’s room so that they can’t even get around. Just make sure that when they open the door, the door doesn’t hit any cups!

6) Stuck on a coin: This prank can be done and watched from afar. Glue a quarter or even a dollar bill, if you’re feeling generous, to the ground. Watch as passerby’s struggle!

7) Googly eyes: Get a bag of “googly eyes,” you know, the creepy ones that move. Put pairs of eyes all over products in your friends medicine cabinet or refrigerator, or if you’re feeling ambitious, all over their room!

8) Please use other door: Put up a “Please use other door” sign on a door to a building that has only one entrance.

9) Baby powder dryer: Warning! This prank may get messy, and may get your friend a little ticked at you. Fill their blow dryer with baby powder and watch the madness begin.

10) Milk splatter: Get a bottle of white glue, and a piece of glass or any smooth surface. Cover the surface with lubricant (a bar of soap works), and “draw” your glue in a “milk spill” type of shape onto the surface. Make sure it’s thick so it’s easier to peel off afterwards. Let it dry for a good 6-10 hours, peel away fake milk splatter with sharp object, and get ready to prank!

11) Blue screen of death: This prank will be sure to cause a major freak-out. Install the Blue screensaver of death on a friend’s computer, and watch them have a meltdown. Just be sure to tell them it’s a prank before they make any impulsive decisions.

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