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Anushka Patel ’14

This week’s Campus Cutie has it all! Beauty, brains, and a passion for brunch! With post-grad plans working for Teach for America, this cutie has a bright future ahead of her. Meet Anushka!

Nicknames: Nush

Hometown: Township of Washington

Grade: Senior

Age: 21

Major: History, Concentration in Law and Society

Campus Involvement: Ambassadors, Club Lacrosse, Student Government, Alternate Break Club

Favorite Quote: “What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others and the world remains and is immortal”

Favorite TCNJ memory: This past homecoming, walking home from homecoming with my housemate, just joking around the whole way home and having so much fun!

Fun Fact:  While I was living in Japan, I won a noodle-eating contest by eating 77 bowls of noodles.

Pet Peeve: Being intolerant

Celebrity Crush: Channing Tatum, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Traits you’re looking for in a guy: Intelligence and a sarcastic sense of humor

Turn Offs: When a guy is rude or degrading towards anyone

Dream date/ideal first date:  Definitely brunch, because breakfast is the “bestest.” And then take me to a museum, any museum, because I love museums.

Cutest thing a guy could do for you:  It’s the little things that matter

Relationship Status: Taken

Post graduation plans: I am doing Teach for America in Philadelphia and pursuing a Masters in Urban Education at the University of Pennsylvania. 


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