Amanda Parks: Making a Difference at TCNJ and Beyond


This week’s Campus Celebrity, Amanda Parks, does it all! As Vice President of Residence Hall Association, President of She’s the First, and Executive Chair of Women In Learning Leadership (WILL), this celeb has great campus involvement that has led her to help hold programs for campus residents, sponsor the education of girls in developing countries, and become an advocate for feminism. Her involvement in these organizations not only allowed her to become a strong leader and to be more aware of issues outside of TCNJ, but Amanda has also created long-lasting friendships while working in each organization.

 Amanda first became involved in WILL by applying to this academic program and student organization before her freshman year. She admits that she didn’t quite know what she was getting herself into at first, but after she was accepted and became more involved in the organization, she became “empowered” by fellow members to speak out on gender equality issues. She defines the organization as one where its “members strive to foster a deeper understanding of gender intersections with race, culture, class, sexuality, and other aspects of social identity.”  Amanda has been a part of many of WILL’s events throughout her years here at TCNJ; some of them include SlutWalk TCNJ, Annual Young Women’s Empowerment Day, and Redefining Sex Week.  You can look out for Amanda helping out with WILL’s 2nd annual Redefining Sex Week which will be from November 18th until November 22nd.  If you’re interested in finding out more about WILL, check out their Facebook page here:

Amanda then became a part of Residence Hall Association through the encouragement of her WILL mentor. She greatly appreciated that RHA gave residents on campus a voice and therefore decided to get more involved. During her involvement with this organization, Amanda, along with other members, was able to host programs for residents like the Angry Birds game and a Glow in the Dark Scavenger Hunt. She’s worked with members to make RHA more recognized on campus which has allowed them to positively impact the residence hall experience. Her favorite part of this organization is that “despite how different all of our members are from one another, we mesh so well.” This tight-knit group will be hosting an Annual Pottery Social on November 11th from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the EAB Drawing Room. You can also catch them later in the year during Finals Week where they will have a trail mix and juice bar.

Amanda became involved with She’s The First through two of her close friends who were also the founders of this organization. Together, they have been working hard to get their organization recognized as an official student organization by Student Government. The goal of She’s the First is to sponsor the education of girls in developing countries so they can have the chance to receive a degree despite the fact that no other women in their families have been able to do so yet. Amanda says, “it only takes $300 to sponsor one girl at one of our 10 She’s the First partner schools for one year, and when you think about it, most of us spend that spend that much on school supplies and new clothes at the beginning of every school year.” You can support She’s the First’s efforts to support women’s education in their Second Annual Tie-Dye Cupcake Bake Sale which is happening from October 31st until November 6th in the Student Center during Meal Equiv.

Amanda’s involvement on campus has allowed her to not only grow through friendships and her leadership roles, but she has also been able to create awareness and help support causes beyond TCNJ. By advocating women’s rights, sponsoring education, and creating a better residential environment on campus, Amanda has definitely made a difference!