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Alcohol Awareness: Safe Drinking Tips

By Nicole Ferrito

Those 21-years and older have the privilege to go out and buy a drink. As you have most likely been told each year prior to your 21st birthday, with this freedom, comes responsibility.

Going out with your friends to a party, a club a bar or whatever your choice of venue may be is almost always a guaranteed good time. You’re letting go of tension and stress and making some memories with the people you love to hang out with. What could go wrong?

Unfortunately, many get caught up in the energy of the party atmosphere and lose track of the amount of alcohol they have consumed. The ideal “buzz” or “tipsy” feeling is usually a point that is surpassed when entering the “sloppy drunk” phase; a point at which many try to avoid.

Getting too drunk can be both physically and socially unhealthy. Whether you are keeled over the toilet, or busting out that crazy dance move that may be too much for the Facebook world to handle, your goal, as a responsible drinker, is to prevent both situations.

Following these few safe-drinking tips, will ensure a fun night without any drama or harmful repercussions.

1.      Don’t Try to Keep up with Your Friends: Your body type, gender, medical background along with many other factors, can determine how much liquor you can handle. It can be dangerous to try and “pace” yourself with the other party guests. Know your own personal limits and don’t try to exceed them.

2.      Avoid Mixing Energy Drinks and Alcohol: At the time, it may seem like a good idea to pair up a Red Bull or Monster with an alcoholic beverage. However, mixing a stimulant, the energy drink, and a depressant, the alcohol can cause serious health issues. According to an article in the Huffington Post, FDA Questions Safety of Alcoholic Energy Drinks, “caffeine can mask the effects of alcohol” and lead to “increased risk-taking “ behaviors.

3.      Monitor your Pace: The excitement of a party can easily make you forget how many drinks you’ve had. It’s not only important to keep track, but also to not consume your drink quickly. The effects of drinking too rapidly will catch up with you and cause you to feel sick.

4.      Drink Water and Eat: Drinking water during a party and after you drink can help to moderate your intake. According to Boyton Health Services’ website, you should alternate a non-alcoholic beverage between alcoholic beverages. The website also explains that eating while drinking can help slow down alcohol absorption.

5.      Always Have a Designated Driver: One of the most important things, when going out, is to ensure there is a designated driver in your group. This person must be trustworthy and reliable. They are the one who refrains from having a drink for the night so that everyone can get home safely. They may also stop you from drinking past a point in which you can handle. 

Make sure to consider these five safety tips when going out and drinking! Have a great time, and be safe!

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