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A Goodbye Letter to Living in the TCNJ Towers

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

Dear Wolfe Hall,

You were the first residence hall that I lived in during my freshman year of college, and since my first year is wrapping up soon, I wanted to write a letter summing up how my experience was living in Wolfe Hall.

I remember back in the first semester on move-in day when I had to bring up all my belongings up the stairs because there was a humongous line for the elevators. When I finally got settled in, one of the first things I noticed was that there was no A/C, and during the first month or so of living on campus I was constantly sweating. There wasn’t a time in my dorm room when I wasn’t sweating. Even with three fans on in my room, I was still sweating all the time. My roomie, a few of my floormates, and I would consistently go to the lounge since it was vastly cooler in there than in our dorm rooms.

After getting through the no A/C situation, another thing I had to endure while living in Wolfe was the fire alarms. In the first semester, the fire alarm situation wasn’t entirely too bad, but in the second semester the fire alarms went off more frequently, and I think it’s safe to say that the fire alarms were never a fun experience. There was the notorious day in the second semester when the fire alarm went off at 2 AM and didn’t stop until around 3 hours later. I wasn’t too happy about this because I had a morning class that morning, and was exhausted for the entire day afterward. To this day I still haven’t gotten used to the sound of the fire alarm going off, and for a few days, after a fire alarm goes off, I’m paranoid that it’ll randomly go off again.

Another moment that occurred in the towers one week was that there allegedly was a mouse on our floor, just hanging out outside someone’s dorm room. Of course, people decided to leave their rooms to see if there actually was a mouse on our floor and try to catch it, and someone did end up catching it with my roommate and my garbage can. Apparently, after some of my floormates had caught the mouse, it almost jumped out of the garbage can, and I remember hearing some people scream outside of my room, so I assume that’s why they were screaming. If you’re wondering where I was during all of this chaos, I was sitting peacefully in my dorm room since I refused to leave after hearing there was a mouse on our floor.

Lastly, the cold showers. Back in the first semester, the showers were fairly warm. Sometimes they were scalding hot, and they would occasionally oscillate between being warm and cold, but they weren’t absolutely unbearable. I have to say, though, that in the second semester of my freshman year, one of the showers I took was freezing. It was horrible. Even now there have been problems with the showers, and they’ve been freezing cold recently.

Now, there’s more to what I’ve had to deal with while living in the towers, like having to withstand how loud the floor above us can be sometimes, but I feel like the four I mentioned earlier are the main highlights of my experience at Wolfe Hall.

Even though my experience at Wolfe has humbled me graciously, there are some things I’m grateful for while I was in Wolfe. I’m grateful that living at Wolfe has given me the opportunity to meet so many chill and kind people, both on my floor and on different floors. I’ve also made some new friends while living here, and I’m grateful for that as well. My friends and I also bond over the chaos that comes with living in Wolfe, and how much we don’t really like living there.

For anyone who has to live in Wolfe or Travers, I wish you the best of luck.



Jenna is a Junior at TCNJ and is a Journalism/Professional Writing and Communication Studies Major. She goes by She/They pronouns. Their hobbies consist of playing the violin, playing the guitar, writing, and reading.