'90's Fashion Revival

To the people that say that history repeats itself… you are so right! Especially in regards to fashion, as what was considered to be cool in in the 90’s is cool once again. Just twenty years later the fashion trends of the 1990s are back and better than ever.

Chokers: A recent trend that has come back onto the scene with the increased popularity of the “90s grunge look.”

Platform Shoes: Popularized by the Spice Girls, this trend is back and become very popular with the emergence of platform sandals.

Birkenstocks: While people like to believe the 90s were all about grunge, minimalism was quite popular as well. Epitomized with Birkenstocks as they represent simplicity.

Combat Boots: Without these shoes the “90s grunge look” would be incomplete!

Scrunchies: Everyone’s favorite hair accessory is back, and available at almost every popular fashion department store, in various colors and styles.

Flannel: An essential item for the “90s grunge look” that can now even be used an accessory.

Denim Jacket: A classic piece that arguably has never went of style, is back being an essential part of a girl’s wardrobe!