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7 Stages of Class Registration

It’s about that time of year. Time to start thinking about enrolling for the spring semester. May the odds be ever in your favor.

1. You get that email from your advisor saying “Enrollment is just around the corner. Come to my office to sign up for an appointment!” Just around the corner? Please I have plenty of time. November is a whole month away. I’m enjoying fall break while I still can, thank you.

2. Okay maybe I should at least look on Paws and see what my options are. Oh no no no. Too many 8 am options, not enough noon options. I don’t like what I see already.

3. I have a plan. I have my life together! Feeling confident as I walk into my meeting with my advisor. 

4. *Goes into the meeting thinking I have my whole life planned.* Wrong. Very wrong. Cue meltdown.

5. Pull yourself together. There’s always office hours. Maybe your professor isn’t that hard. And God created coffee for struggling college kids trying to get to their 8 am, right?

6. Enrollment finally is here. Laptop on, (fingers crossed there’s internet), PAWS tab is open.  As soon as the clock strikes your enrollment time, your finger is on that mousepad.

7. Congratulations! The anxious time of getting your life (kind of) together is officially over…. until next semester. But for now, treat yourself, you survived another enrollment.

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