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7 Creative Gifts to Give Your Boyfriend for V-Day

Running out of ideas for cute and meaningful, yet simple Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend? Here are seven easy gifts that will be sure to warm his heart.

1. The Classic Love Note

Nothing says romance more than a handwritten love letter recounting all of the memories you’ve shared together from your first date to where you are now. He’ll appreciate your heartfelt words much more than chocolate or a new gadget. To make the letter extra special, seal it with a lipstick kiss and spray some of your perfume on it!

2. Map of Memories

Reminisce the memories you’ve shared together by plotting them on a map by location. By each pin, place a note describing the lovely times you had at that place, whether it’s a coffee shop, museum, etc. The map will be a cute keepsake to look back at together to share laughs and to remember the good times.

3. CD

This classic gift is a classic for a reason. If you and your boyfriend bond over music, create a playlist of your favorite songs in addition to songs that are representative of your relationship. Whenever he plays the CD he’ll be thinking of you!     

4. Countdown to Valentine’s Day

If you want to create excitement during the days before Valentine’s Day all you need is a muffin tin and some candy! Use a mini muffin tin with 12 slots, one for each day starting on February 3rd until the 14th. Fill each slot with his favorite candy and a note with a memory or something you love about him. The note in the last slot for the 14th could be your Valentine’s Day plans! This is a cute and exciting way to countdown to the day of love.

5. Mason Jar filled with future date ideas

Decorate a mason jar and fill it with popsicle sticks. On each popsicle stick, write future date ideas or your favorite memories. If you want to take it to the next level, make a Year of Dates jar with 365 popsicles with 365 things you want to do with your boyfriend. This is not only a cute idea, but you’ll have an endless supply of dates that’ll make your relationship exciting!

6. Love Coupons  

Be creative by making coupons à la Valentine’s Day by writing out coupons for your boyfriend such as breakfast in bed, a back massage, cuddles, movie night, long walk, a romantic night in and even throw in a couple free wishes.

7. An Unconventional Valentine’s Date

If you’re an active couple, plan a fun Valentine’s Day date such as going ice skating, rock climbing, hiking, snow tubing, skiing and many more. This will be a fun and adventurous way to spend the day and will most definitely make it one to remember!  


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