6 Things To Do At Night At TCNJ Instead Of Partying

Pretty much every college movie depicts the college experience as being filled with drunken nights and lost memories, and that’s just not true. It’s totally cool if you’re into partying to relieve yourself of all of the stress from classes, but there are other ways that’s you can let loose. Here are 6 examples:

1. Restaurant hopping

You get to try all of the food Campus Town has to offer, all while splitting the bill between friends.

2. Catch Pokémon

No matter how many people openly praise Pokémon Go, you still won’t be comfortable playing in public, so a Friday night is your chance! We apologize if this app has made you even more attached to your phone...

3. Movie Marathon

You don’t have many chances to just relax, so why not catch a movie when you do? You could go out, or get cozy in a dorm room with your bffs and pig out on junk food. Count me in!

4. Study Party

Studying with friends is so much less stressful than studying by yourself. You’ll all encourage each other to get work done, but still remind each other to take breaks.

5. Stargazing

TCNJ’s Astronomy club sometimes hosts “A Night Under the Stars,” where students are able to stargaze. Sounds like a perfect date night, or even a night with friends!

6. Catch a Show

This gif has nothing to do with anything except for the fact that I love Adam Devine, and he once gave a comedy show at TCNJ. #ShamelessSelfPromotion