The 6 Best Outdoor Spots on Campus

Spring is finally here! The sun is shining, we’re trading out sweaters for floral dresses and we no longer spend our days studying in stuffy dorm rooms. It’s time to get out and get some Vitamin D.  Whether you want to take a walk, study for finals or simply relax and do nothing but tan, here’s a list of the best outdoor spots on campus to soak up some sun.

1. Education building

This little seating patio outside the Education building is the perfect outdoor spot to study and catch up on homework. It is quiet, pretty and provides a nice amount of shade. Best of all, the Education café is close by when you inevitably need to stop for a coffee break to stay focused. 

2. Bridge behind the towers

Although this bridge is small and simple, it’s a peaceful place to think or have a conversation, either in person or over the phone. So next time you want to chat with friends from home, or you realize you haven’t talked to your mom in a few weeks, wander over to the bridge and take some time out of your day to catch up with the people you care about.

3. Grass spots

This is just one of the many grass spots on campus where many students hang out all spring long. This open spot in front of the towers is perfect for throwing a football, softball or even a Frisbee.  For a more relaxing afternoon, lie out a large blanket and have a picnic with your friends!

4. Volleyball court

The best part of having a volleyball court on campus is that we almost have access to a beach without even leaving! So grab your bikini and pack a bag full of snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, books or magazines, headphones and a towel to lay out in the sand - before long you’ll forget you’re at school and not a real beach!

5. Lakes

Lake Sylva and Lake Ceva are two of the most beautiful places on campus, day or night. During the day, a walk around the lakes while listening to your favorite playlist is the perfect way to relax and de-stress. For a date night on campus, enjoy the view of the sun setting over the lakes with that special someone.


6. Science Complex fountain

One of the most popular places on campus to hangout in the spring is the fountain inside the Science Complex. This spot is calming and picturesque, a common backdrop for group photoshoots. The grass around the fountain makes the perfect spot to lay on the grass with homework or with your favorite book.