5 Ways to Prepare for Beyoncé's Album Release

As soon as Beyoncé announced her world tour on the night of the Super Bowl, fans started to speculate when her album would drop. Rumor has it that her album will drop at least a week before her tour starting April 27, so fans have time to learn the songs. While we all wait (im)patiently for the album, here’s what to do in the meantime:

1. Buy pieces from her Ivy Park collection.

Or at least follow it on Instagram and count all of the times Bey says “Park”

2. Watch the Lemonade event on HBO on 4.23.16.

We’re pretty sure it’s not a juice cleanse this time.

3. Turn on post notifications and check @Beyoncé on Instagram every night until the release.

Remember about two weeks ago, when every “insta-famous” celeb, including Kylie Jenner, told their followers to turn on post notifications? Well, the only notifications that are necessary are for Queen Bey. Sorry King Kylie.

4. Read!

If her newest single Formation gives any clues to the message behind this new album, it means we will have to read up on feminism and police brutality.

5. Get ready to start a free trial for Tidal.

Hopefully, some of you in the Beyhive were smart enough to wait out on the free trial for Tidal, because rumor has it that the album and special features will be released first on Tidal. Otherwise, you might have to fork out the $9.99 a month, or dare I say it, wait.