5 Tips for Freshmen: Surviving and Thriving Your First Semester at TCNJ

Read these tips to make the most of your first semester at TCNJ!

1. Get Involved! Stop by the Student Activities Fair outside the STUD on Wednesday, September 3 from 12-3 p.m. With over 200 student organizations at TCNJ, there is a club for everyone! Whether you’ve always wanted to join debate team, run for student government or play ultimate frisbee, try something you’ve never done before, you may end up loving it!

2. When it comes to schoolwork, be confident in your abilities, you’re at TCNJ for a reason. Remember to balance your time; it is easier to study for an exam or write a large paper in smaller chunks than all at once.

3. Be an active participant in class. TCNJ has small class sizes for a reason! Professors want to hear from you. Don’t sit all the way in the back of the classroom. Go to class, participate and challenge yourself to reach out to your professors for additional assistance or advice.

4. Use meal equivalency. Just do it. For those who have yet to experience meal equiv, meal equivalency is from 11:00 a.m to 1:30 p.m. and allows students to exchange a swipe into Eickoff for $7.00 worth of food at the Rathskeller, Lion’s Den, KinetiCart, Education Café or The Library Café.

5. Homesick? Every collegiette is bound to experience some level of homesickness during their first few weeks at college, but just remember that your fellow freshmen are feeling the same way. The cure to homesickness is creating bonds with your new friends; offer to watch a movie with your floor or order in take-out together!

A collegiette’s first semester at college is a time of transition and discovery. While there are many elements to college that require an adjustment period, remember to embrace all of the wonderful opportunities and people you are meeting at TCNJ! Before you know it TCNJ will be your second home!