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5 Things Athletes Should Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, it seems only fair to think of the many things you’re thankful for- (I’m looking at you, iced coffee.) But as an athlete or a retired athlete, you have some extra things to be thankful for this month- or maybe even for the rest of your life. Being on a sports team provides you with so many blessings, here’s just a few:

1. Time Management Skills

Between balancing classes, homework, friends, and family, the average student is already overwhelmed. Now add on practice times, games, and competitions- so there is virtually no time to procrastinate when you’re an athlete. You have a paper due at 8 am tomorrow and practice 6-9 pm tonight? Better get working on that paper a day in advance. Sports teach us how to balance our time and get our work done. 

2. Physical Exercise

Yes, being an athlete takes a physical toll on the body. But, there are perks to this! Instead of going to the gym and counting down the minutes on the treadmill, you get to go to practice and actually have fun while working out. Eat those cheese fries; you’ll burn them off at practice!

3. A Lesson in Responsibility

Sports are a huge responsibility! Your team is counting on you to show up every day, mentally and physically. When you have a group of 20+ teammates counting on you, it teaches you to be responsible. Showing up on time, handing in physicals on time, etc.; it all teaches you how to be a responsible human being. You’ll thank sports when you enter the real world (aka the world of never ending responsibilities.) 

4. An Outlet

Sports provide you with an outlet to let your emotions out. Whether you’re mad, upset, or stressed, you go to practice and physically let it all out. You take it out on your opponent or leave it all on the mat. You get a chance to decompress and take a few hours away to focus on something other than that bio midterm you’ve been cooped up studying for.

5. A Second Family

Most importantly, being a part of a sports team provides you with friends who will without a doubt turn into your family. You spend hours upon hours with these people. You sweat, cry, and work together day in and day out. Your teammates will be your biggest supporters in life. They just get you. And there is no such thing as judging, you can go to them with anything. Without being on that team, you wouldn’t have those people in your lives today. If that isn’t the best blessing to think of this Thanksgiving, I don’t know what else is!

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