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5 Sustainable Clothing Brands You Need to Know About!

Now more than ever, it is important that we stop shopping at fast fashion brands and start spending our money at stores that are committed to sustainable practices. Because of this, I have compiled a list of my 5 favorite sustainable brands that will keep you fashionable while still being environmentally conscious! 

GirlFriend Collective

Instagram: @girlfriend

Website: https://www.girlfriend.com/ 

#1 is Girlfriend Collective, a brand created by Ellie Dinh and based in Seattle Washington. They are known for their sustainable loungewear, shapewear, and athleisure. Their website states that their packaging is recyclable and many of their products are made from recycled materials, such as Cupro. Everything down to how and what dye they use is eco-friendly. All of their products are so comfy and cute, which make them perfect to work out in! My favorite piece from them is the Skort in the color Globe!

Price range: $$$

Mirror Palais

Instagram: @mirrorpalais

Website: https://www.mirrorpalais.com/ 

This New York based small brand— designed and owned by Marcelo Gaia— was founded in 2019. I first heard of them through their instagram page, (@mirrorpalais), and fell in love with their luxury womenswear and 90s style silhouettes. The best part is that Mirror Palais is sustainable! All of their pieces are made locally and in small batches (never mass produced). They use sustainably sourced materials to ensure that the pieces are high quality and last in your closet for a long, long time. My favorite piece from their current collection is the Fairy Dress!

Price range: $$$


Instagram: @wearetala

Website:  https://www.wearetala.com/ 

Next up is the UK based company Tala. This loungewear and athleisure brand was created by CEO Grace Beverley in May of 2019. Tala has so many unique ways of implementing sustainability into their practices. For example: their packaging is recyclable, and their garments are made from old fabric scraps which creates less waste. I also love that all of their clothing tags are plantable, meaning they are filled with the seeds of different plants, so each time you purchase a different item you get a new plant! What sets Tala apart from some other sustainable clothing brands is their accessible prices. My favorite piece from Tala is their Zahara Bra!

Price range: $$

United By Blue

Instagram: @unitedbyblue

Website: https://unitedbyblue.com/ 

United By Blue is another brand that is dedicated to being as sustainable as they can be! The brand sells everything from tops and bottoms to swimwear and outerwear. All of these items are made from sustainable materials such as hemp, organic cotton, recycled polyester, modal, and wool. Their commitment to sustainability doesn’t just end with their clothes, though— United By Blue hosts cleanups in different areas to clean up the litter and waste that is there. They also value the importance of transparency, which is why they list where all of their factories are located on their website. My favorite piece from United By Blue is their Natural Canvas Overall!  

Price range: $$-$$$


Instagram: @everlane

Website: https://www.everlane.com/ 

Everlane is becoming more and more popular recently, competing with other known sustainable brands such as Patagonia and Levis. Their womenswear and menswear pieces are made in ethical factories where fair wages, normal working hours, and a positive working environment are valued and respected. Everlane only uses the most high quality fabrics for their products which ensure that they will last you a lifetime! My favorite piece from Everlane is The Clean Silk Relaxed Shirt!

Price range: $$$

Emma is a junior at TCNJ majoring in Sociology! Emma is really passionate about sustainability and women's rights. Some of her likes include music, astrology, painting, yoga, and rollerskating!
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