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5 (Cheap) Ways to Decorate your Dorm

Being away at college during the holiday season can have you feeling nostalgic for your home and  family. Why not bring some holiday cheer to campus by decorating your dorm room? Here are a few quick tricks that are easy, fun, and inexpensive!

Coloring books
One of the best stress relievers  requires reverting back to childhood for a little  and breaking out a coloring book and crayons! Most dollar stores carry holiday-themed coloring books and crayons. Take a study break, play some holiday music, and color away! When you’re finished, hang your masterpieces up on your room door and walls!

Paper chains
Paper chains are extremely simple, even for those who aren’t particularly creative or crafty. Colored construction paper, a glue stick, and a pair of scissors are the only materials you’ll need, so this one certainly won’t break the bank. Cut strips of paper and then simply link them together using the glue. Hang them in your room, your lounge, or even your bathroom!

Holiday ornaments aren’t just for Christmas trees! Find some inexpensive ornaments at stores like Target or WalMart (preferably ones that are somewhat sturdy, perhaps plastic rather than glass) and hang them throughout your room. Most TCNJ dorms have corkboards, which are perfect for hanging ornaments with pushpins!

Paper snowflakes
Paper snowflakes are great to make with friends during a study break! These decorations likely won’t even require a trip to the store—some white paper and scissors are all you need. Cut the paper so that it is square, and then fold it into a small triangle. Cut shapes from the triangle to form a snowflake. They can be complex or simple, and either way, they’re great to tape to your windows or door. Also, you can hang them from your ceiling with some yarn or even den
tal floss—just be sure to clear it with your CA first!

Window clings
Window clings are available at most dollar stores and come in shapes, designs, and colors for virtually every holiday! They are reusable from year to year, as long as you keep the packaging so you can store them properly. Your window will be the cutest on your floor, and you won’t need to empty your wallet to buy them!

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