3 Ways to Make Money by Cleaning Out Your Closet

Many of us have clothing that sits in our closets, untouched and taking up too much space. We’d love to exchange the outfits that we’ve grown out of for brand new ones. Did you know there is an easy way to make money from cleaning out your closet?

One website that makes selling and exchanging clothing particularly easy is called “Vinted.” This site is unlike other online shopping sites because retail stores cannot sell clothes, but rather girls from around the world are the “sellers.” Sellers offer clothing from their own closets, usually for less than retail price.

“Vinted is different because it is positioned around ordinary people like you,” said the CEO/ co-founder of the site, Justas Janauskas, who was kind enough to answer a few questions via email about her company. “The possibility to connect and to make friends is what makes Vinted so special.”

Janauskas shares how Vinted’s other co-founder, Milda Mitkutė, came up with the idea for the site. “She used to exchange clothing with her friends and [after she moved], she did not have so many friends, but did not mind to exchange with strangers” explained Janauskas.

The two women decided to make a website where girls could not only buy and sell clothes, but could also create a new online experience where customers communicate and exchange items.

“I was skeptical, but after speaking to a bunch of female-friends I decided that this is something girls find super exciting and gave it a try,” said Janauskas. “And it worked.

If you’re looking to get rid of old clothes, from your middle school grunge phase, or if you’re simply looking to make some money on clothes you rarely wear, it can be done in just three simple steps.  

The first step: Get rid of everything you don’t wear. This is the most difficult step, because everyone thinks the same thing, “What if I finally find an occasion to wear it?!” Odds are if you haven’t worn it yet, you won’t ever wear it.

Next step: Set your asking price. Take a picture and post information about your clothes on the site. Vinted allows you to choose the price of the item you wish to sell, while also displaying the original price of the clothing. A customer is more likely to buy the clothing you are selling based on how much they feel they are saving.

Last step: Sit back, and let the offers roll in. If you don’t get any offers after a few weeks, either market your clothes on social media, or lower the price a little. No one can resist a good sale! You will then have the option to take the money, or swap with the buyer for an item you’ve had your eye on- something that you know you’ll actually wear.

You will either have some extra money and closet space, or new clothes that you can’t wait to wear. It’s a win-win!