2021 Trends that are Not Worth Your Money

2021 has brought us an influx of new, unique trends as we shift from cold, rainy weather into the summertime. While these trends are insanely cute and tempting to purchase, a lot of these styles are not going to make it to the end of the year. Fast fashion clothing stores aim to create these trends, convince consumers to buy them, and then force them out of style as new trends come in so that individuals are stuck in this cycle of buying trendy clothes for the sake of it being trendy. Before you spend your money on so many items that will end up sitting at the bottom of your drawer or in the back of your closet, consider buying more sustainable alternates that you will be able to utilize for years to come! 


  1. Exposed Stitching and Patchwork Tops

While these tops are unique, popular, and stylish, I cannot see this trend making it to next year. Because of their unique pattern and color blocking style, they are not very versatile when it comes to styling, nor do they have much of a re-wear value. 

Buy this instead: Racerback tops and bodysuits have been around for years. Having these basics in your closet makes it easy to dress both up and down while being super flattering and comfortable. They will stay in style for much longer than the trendy tops. 


  1. Corsets

This is another trend I have seen recently that I think will die down as quickly as it came up. Corset tops have proven to be insanely flattering on many body types, but they are not convenient or adaptable depending on the weather or the occasion. There are only a few ways to style them, therefore it may not last to the end of the year. 

Buy this instead: The milkmaid cut of tops and dresses have been fairly in style for the last few years without fail, giving almost the same shape as a corset or bustier. Having this basic top in your collection will ensure many outfit options with the ability to dress up with a skirt or make casual with a pair of jeans. 


  1. Halter Tops

Halter tops are always going in and out of style, probably for the last thirty years. While these tops are super cute and colorful, this trend will likely die down like it always does, especially now with all of the colors and prints that they come in. These do not have a great track record, so there is no need to buy many of them as they will likely not be re-worn throughout the summer. 

Buy this instead: Camisoles are a good alternative to halter tops, as they are versatile and flexible in the way that they are worn. They also give the same effect as they are a good source of color and adds something extra to an outfit since they come in so many styles and fabrics. Camisoles are good to wear under jackets, alone, casually, and on more upscale occasions.


  1. Funky Patterned Pants

Colorful, funky pants are very popular and intriguing as it is a good way to spice up a simple outfit, but with pieces like this, there is a very low re-wear value due to their flashiness. They are often hard to style and almost unwearable after posting in it and wearing it out a couple of times.

Buy this instead: Trousers and printed denim are always a good choice because they will never go out of style. Trousers come in so many variations that can fit different occasions, while patterned denim has the same unique effect as the funky, colorful pants but on an everyday basis.


All of these items are so cute and stylish, but it is important to question, “Would I still be looking to buy this if it weren’t so trendy right now?” before purchasing. If the answer is yes, then by all means, do you! Even I have fallen victim to Shein’s popular, cheap pieces that I thought would become a staple in my closet. This is not to dictate what you should and should not buy, but rather to encourage the longevity of clothing and looking out for your future self (and wallet). Fast fashion has a tight hold on many consumers at the moment, but it is worth it to invest in basics while focusing on spending your money on a few extravagant pieces and accessories. Save your money, ditch the frequent trendy pieces, and invest in long-term clothing.