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2020 Spring Makeup Trends

From all the runway shows across the Big Four Fashion Capitals of the World (New York City, Milan, Paris, and London) trends for Spring Makeup in 2020 can be described as FUN! Fashion Week designers had the makeup for their models featuring the classics and several creative, new, and artistic trends as well. Trends that were on display during Fashion Week included the usage of bold and bright colors. 

Pull out your multi-shade palettes and your colored liners because this spring it’s all about mixing and matching the fun stuff, like intensely pigmented shades, bright neons, glossy textures, and lots of sparkles. 

Allover Gloss 

The makeup vibe on the runways for the past couple of months has been gloss, gloss, and more gloss. Models wore it on their lips, lids, and skin. Use a clear face gloss or highlighter and tap it on your lids, cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, and on your lips. If you want a little extra color on your lips, just layer the gloss over a lipstick or tinted lip balm. 

Bright Neon Eyes 

Bold, vibrant, and neon colors were out on full display across many runways in the Big Four Fashion Capitals. This look is all about being playful and taking risks! Just make sure to swap your basic black liquid liner for a bright, neon-colored one. 

Eye Embellishments 

The Euphoria effect was on display throughout Fashion Week as many makeup artists incorporated glitter eye makeup in the models’ looks for a plethora of designers. Place a star or two on your face for a quick eye makeup pick me up. 

Free Floating Eyeliner 

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… eyeliner doesn’t have to live on your lash line! To be honest, breaking rules and trying out new things is what makes makeup fun. After you finish applying your eyeshadow, take a pencil or liquid eyeliner and draw a line across your lid. You can also make the line into a shape, like the tops of angel wings or the top of a cloud. 

Metallic Smokey Eye 

A smokey eye is a classic look and one that is good for any type of occasion or season. For spring’s 2020 makeup trends/looks, the smokey eye has been given a shiny and glamorous update. One can do this spring makeup look with either black, pewter, or any dark colored eyeshadow. Regardless of which eyeshadow color you use, your metallic smokey eye will produce a more modern look and flare. 

Pastel Blue Eyeshadow 

Another popular eyeshadow choice for spring makeup was the color blue. Blue is a unique, yet great color to use for eyeshadow during the springtime as one will feel super 

whimsical while wearing it. Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to sweep pastel blue eyeshadow across your lids and along your lower lash line. 

Red Lipstick 

Red lips, in one form or another, pop up on the runways every season. The combo of matte, cherry-red lipstick, clean skin, and bold brows look more cool, less classic. Prep lips with a lip scrub first (flakes and roughness are amplified by matte textures), then swipe on a red matte lipstick. 

White Eyeliner 

This spring makeup look is unexpected, but at the same time not too extra. If you want to experiment with spring makeup, but aren’t brave enough to dive in with neon color eye makeup a risky yet safe way to do so is by using white eyeliner. Grab a creamy, white eye pencil and use it to line your eyes and create a little flick.