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2020 Movies Starring Women

*Release dates are based on the most currently available information, they may be changed/ pushed back due to social distancing policies and public safety concerns.

Invisible Man
Release Date: February 28th
(Set to be available for at home viewing by March 20th)
    This horror film is going to leave audiences paranoid long after they exit the theater. A seemingly invisible antagonist spends the duration of the film terrorizing the main character, Cecila (Elisabeth Moss), who is caught in the middle of this nightmare fueling film. Cecilia has recently escaped an abusive relationship, but is pulled back into a game of cat-and-mouse when her not so dead ex-boyfriend.

A Quiet Place: Part II
Release Date: March 20th
Updated Release Date: TBA
    Emily Blunt’s character Evelyn Abbott narrowly survived the first Quiet Place movie. Much of the film was spent evading or fighting alien monsters that relied on their sense of hearing to hunt. Considering that not all of the first movie’s main characters survived, it came as an exciting surprise that there would be a sequel. Still, not much is known about the plot as horror movies often rely on suspense and the fear of the unknown. What we do know is that Blunt’s character will truly get a chance to shine as she faces much more than monsters.

Release Date: March 27th
Updated Release Date: TBA
    This unique film is going to be a chance for Disney to retell the iconic story of Mulan. However, this version will forego the original film’s incredible Westernization and inaccuracies regarding the legend of Mulan. Many of the well-known songs will not be included and even fan favorite, Mushu the dragon, will not make an appearance so that the film can focus on the traditional story. Audiences are still guaranteed to love this new Disney live action film when they see Lui Yifei as Mulan, who hides her true identity in order to fearlessly fight for her country and family.

Black Widow
Release Date: May 1st
Updated Release Date: TBA
    Scarlett Johansson will return to the big screen as Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow, in Marvel’s upcoming film about the origins of her character. After being shockingly killed off in Avengers: Endgame, the Black Widow is receiving her own prequel that will provide more detail about the life of this iconic female superhero. The movie will investigate more about her mysterious past in the espionage field and hopefully answer some questions that Marvel fans still have about the character. 

Wonder Woman 1984
Coming Soon: June 5th
    Gal Gadot will reclaim her role as Wonder Woman in this long anticipated sequel. The film’s plot is almost a total mystery. However, clues from the trailer let fans know that some characters they thought were gone for good will be returning and a new enemy will face off against Wonder Woman. The film will be directed by Patty Jenkins, who also directed the first Wonder Woman three years ago.



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