18 Not So Basic Last Minute Costumes

With Halloween around the corner, those without a costume are probably stressing. But don't fear, your awesome costume could be hiding in your closet. These 18 ideas will help you throw together a costume without the hassle of running to the store or spending any money. 
1. Sporty Spice

Alright, this is probably the simplest look. All you need is a sports bra, sweatpants (preferably Adidas), and sneakers. Throw your hair in a high ponytail and you’re set. 

Bonus Points: Add a scrunchie, platform sneakers, and a microphone headpiece. 

2. Boxer

Again you’ll need a sports bra for this costume. Also you’ll need Nike Pros or any kind of stretchy shorts, put your hair in two frenchbraids, and wear a robe if you have. 

Bonus Points: boxing gloves and a bruised eye.

3. Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Exude elegance with this simple Audrey Hepburn look. Take that little black dress that you have hanging in your closet and add some pearls, black sunglasses, and a mini tiara. Fashion your hair into a cute bun and throw on some black flats. 

Bonus Points: carry a Tiffany bag, a long cigarette holder, and black gloves.

4. Elle Woods

If your closet is full of pink, this costume will be a “snap.” Literally just wear all pink from your head to your toes. Pink dress, skirt, top, shoes, bag, etc. Label a notebook with Harvard Law.

Bonus Points: Carry a bag with a stuffed chihuahua and a fuzzy pen 

5. Regina George

 All you need for this costume is a white tank top, colorful bra or bandeau, and black skirt. If you don't feel like cutting up your white tank top, just opt for a pink jacket and skirt.

Bonus Points: Carry around a Burn Book 

6. Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl

A white button up, black skirt, knee high socks, a tie or bow tie, and a headband. If you went to catholic school this look is a breeze but even if not I’m sure you have this stuff lying around. 

7. Starbucks drink

Basic white girl drink but not so much basic costume. Wear a white dress and either tape the logo in the front or find cardboard and wrap it around your waist. Decorate it like pictured with a black marker and you’re done.

8. Jack Sparrow

Just tie a white button down at the waist, wear denim shorts with a bulky belt, boots, and wear your hair in some mini braids. Make your eyes dark and add a bandana in your hair. 

Bonus Points: Add beads in your hair.

9. Kelly Kapowski

Thank god style recycles every 20 years because it makes this look that much easier. Floral has come back so that means this look should be easy. You can wear her iconic white bandeau, jeans, and suspenders or just wear any pairing of floral and denim. Floral top, denim pants, floral skirt, denim jacket, floral dress, etc. Whichever way you choose to go make sure you tease your hair -- make it as big as possible -- and wear pink lipstick and white sneakers. 

Bonus Points: Find someone to be Zack Morris.

10. A Member of KISS

Any form of black, studded, and leather for your attire coupled with the iconic makeup looks of the band.

Bonus points: You get three other people to do it with you, you get an inflatable guitar.

12. A Mario Kart Player

For Mario all you need is a red shirt, blue shorts or pants, a red hat, and you could draw a mustache. For Peach, all pink and a crown. Basically any of the characters are easy to get clothes for but I definitely think those are the easiest. Find a cardboard box on your floor. If you don't have one ask around, you’d be surprised how easy it is to find one. Decorate it and you’re done!

13. Boo from Monsters Inc.

Literally just two pieces of key clothing: a pink tee shirt and purple pants. Then just wear white sneakers and throw your hair into two cute pigtails.

Bonus Points: Carry a teddy bear around.

14. Candy Skull

This look is more reliant on the makeup. Basically you could wear anything you want that’s all black. Then just do your skeleton makeup or have someone else do it for you and put on a flower crown. 

15. 50’s Housewife

Take out the little black dress or any dress for that matter, pearls, rubber gloves, apron, and big engagement ring. You can do your hair 50s style and wear red lipstick.  

16. Comic Book Character

You know everyone and their mothers are going to be Harley Quinn this Halloween. So stand out and literally just make yourself pop out of a comic book. All you really need to nail for this look is the cool makeup. The clothing is pretty much up to you. However, polka dots would go really well if you have. 

17. Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction

A cute black bra, white button up, black pants. You can buy a black bob wig but why would you when you can simply pin your hair yourself: http://www.elle.com/beauty/hair/tips/g8924/how-to-fake-a-bob/

Bonus Points: fake blood coming from your nose, carry a cigarette, fake needle by your heart.

18. TY Beanie Baby

I’m pretty sure every girl has that animal costume they keep around just as a last minute resort. But instead of being a totally basic cat or bunny, be a TY Beanie Baby bunny or cat. Whatever animal clothes you have just make it more unique by using ribbon and paper for a TY logo.