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15 Signs You’re the Mom in Your Friend Group

  1. Your friends ask for your advice about boys, or life in general, all the time.Source: Giphy
  2. You would much rather sit at home with a glass of wine and a book than go out with them to the nearest bar or club.Source: Giphy
  3. Your bedtime is 10 pm… 11 pm latest. So your friends already know not to call when they’re drunk at 3am.Source: Giphy
  4. You tell your friends to grow up when they are in the middle of a passionate vent session about how a girl passively aggressively suggested something to them…Source: Giphy
  5. Tea is your life. You sip it in the morning, in the evening, and maybe even in class — and you sip slowly.Source: Giphy
  6. You hate loud music in the car.Source: Giphy
  7. You are the bigger person in heated situations: “Okay so you flipped me off while switching lanes. That’s mature.”Source: Giphy
  8. You can spend over fifteen minutes in the cleaning isle at Target and enjoy every minute of it.Source: Giphy
  9. Your happiness is being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket and watching Netflix in bed.Source: Giphy
  10. You have a bedtime routine and your friends will feel your wrath if it is interrupted.Source: Giphy
  11. You record EVERYTHING in your planner: your facial, your sister’s soccer game, when you need to get groceries, etc.Source: Giphy
  12. There is no spontaneity. What do you mean going up to NYC at 9 PM?Source: Giphy
  13. You go to your friend’s sports meets and cheer them on:Source: Giphy
  14. When it comes to shopping, you like to invest wisely. There will be no impulsive splurges at Forever 21. We wait for the semi-annual sale at Nordstrom.Source: Giphy

15. Your friends come back drunk and you already have a lecture planned out the next day about how they need to get internships, jobs, and post-doctorate all lined up. GET IT TOGETHER!Source: Giphy

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