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12 Signs You Thrive in Fall

1. You already have your favorite fall outfits lined up for when a cold day arrives.

2. You own way more boots than any other type of shoe.

3. Your collection of scarves is incomparable.

4. You’re excited every day when you realize you can wear a scarf and boots.

5. Fall decorations are already up in your room.

6. You have fall scented candles lit in your room at all times.

7. The sounds of leaves crunching underneath your feet makes you smile.

8. The crisp air doesn’t faze you, rather, you welcome it.

9. You make time in the morning to perfect your fall weather outfits.

10. Rain doesn’t get in your way, that’s what rainboots and raincoats are for!

11. You love curling up with a hot drink (PSL, hot cocoa, hot apple cider) and watching a Halloween movie.

12. According to this gif, you love pie.


Gif Source: Giphy


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