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10 Things Out-of-State Students at TCNJ Discover

Being an out-of-stater at TCNJ is something only a few people have experience with. While the mere 7% of us may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of New Jersey residents, we have definitely learned a lot. So take notes, out-of-staters, and learn about the passions and traditions that New Jerseyans hold very dear to their hearts. 

1. The Shore: “It’s not the beach, it’s the shore” 

2. Pork Roll vs. Taylor Ham debate: This is guaranteed to be the most intense debate you will ever witness. People tend to be very passionate about the name of their pork-based processed meat.  

3. Pumping Gas: The urge to get out and pump your own gas will never go away, and you will always feel uncomfortable with someone else doing it. And you just don’t understand how some of your New Jersey friends have no idea how to pump their own gas.

4. Central Jersey: Does it exist? Does it not exist?  Not something you want to get in the middle of (almost as bad as the Pork Roll and Taylor Ham debate.)

5. Wawa: Not understanding the hype of Wawa- until you go and bask in its wonderment.

6. Mischief Night: As an out-of-stater, having absolutely no idea what this was and being completely confused by its existence.

7. Jug Handles: Most people will attempt to convince you that they are a convenience- but really, sometimes you just want to turn left.

8. Diners: Perhaps the greatest things about NJ, especially when you find out most are open 24/7.

9. Counties: Everyone you meet will automatically ask you what county you’re from.

10. Even when you go home, you find yourself taking a little bit of Jersey Pride home with you.

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