10 Library Café Pet Peeves

While us TCNJ collegiettes love the Library Café, there are just a few things that tend to get on our nerves as we wait for that delicious iced coffee...

1.     When you’re patiently waiting in the long line and you notice that one person who attempts to sneakily cut the 20 people in front of them. To that one person-we see you.


2.      When the meal equiv line is surrounding your table and people are staring and drooling as you eat and drink your coffee. It’s like you’re an animal being watched in a zoo.


3.      When they finally call your number and you go up to get your food, but you have to fight through a wall of people that won’t budge even after you say excuse me!


4.      When you’re casually walking through the café and almost trip (or actually trip!) from the laptop chargers stretched across the entire café.


5.      The repeated call for “Order Number 19875!,” who conveniently walked away after ordering their food. Becasue that makes sense. 


6.      The person who ordered the “mocha skim extra caramel spice chai latte?!” Do less.


7.      When you’ve been craving those california rolls all morning and as soon as you get up to the display case you see that all the sushi is gone.


8.      When it’s 1:31 and you’re over meal equiv.


9.      The overdramatic coffee drinker. That ounce of caffeine will not help the fact that you haven’t slept in the past 36 hours. If only coffee came in kegs.


10.  When you reach for that skim caramel macchiato you’re sure is yours, but suddenly someone else grabs it seconds before you. You’re instantly mortal enemies.