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Zodiac Signs Explained: Sun Moon Rising

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMUSA chapter.

What’s your sign? 

I get this question asked a lot, I also ask this question when I meet new people. When someone asks about ‘signs’ we are referring to astrology and zodiac signs. Zodiac signs give us an easy overview of what our personality may be like and it helps us understand, to a certain extent, why people are the way they are.

Here are the basics:

Astrology is the study of the planets and the stars. Many astrologists do not conform to the constitutions of the zodiac signs though, but for those that do follow the signs, it means that they are looking at how your planets are ruling your everyday life. 


Let’s begin with the Sun sign:

For example, I am a Cancer. I was born between June 21 and July 22, the Sun is in Cancer. Your Sun sign shines light on your sense of self and individuality, your approach to life, your values, and your creative energy. Your sun sign captures the way you present yourself in the world.

The sun is ruled by the zodiac sign Leo, a fire sign (July 23 to August 22). 


Moon sign:

My Moon sign is also Cancer! The Moon sign is determined by your time, date, and location of birth. Your Moon sign reflects your inner-world and emotions. Cancer is a water sign and it is the sign of the Moon. The Moon connects you to your intuition and emotional needs. (Hint: Cancers have a very strong intuition.)


Rising sign or ascending: 

My rising sign is Capricorn (December 21 to January 19, ruling planet: Saturn). If you are unsure what time and location you were born, your rising sign can be hard to guess. This sign is ruled by the zodiac that rose in the eastern horizon in the sky when you were born. Rising signs constitute what impressions we make in the world and how others perceive us. It also reflects how we see the world and how we interact with our surroundings or situations. 


How to find out your signs:

Google search “natal chart” or “birth chart.” Make sure you know the time and location you were born. Your chart will explain in detail all the signs your planets are in. 


Have fun being surprised by how accurate your chart is with your personality!

Nadia is a senior at TAMUSA and also teaches yoga in San Antonio. She is interested in topics about relationships and spiritual wellness. Nadia is currently a research assistant for the psychology department at TAMUSA and wants to attend grad school to become a therapist.
Lanie is a junior at Texas A&M University-San Antonio majoring in Communications with a minor in English. She is a passionate journalist with interests in lifestyle, entertainment, and enjoys creative writing on the side. When she's not typing away on her computer, you can find her updating the Her Campus TAMUSA Instagram page or reading a book. To discuss her wild conspiracy theories, you can reach her at lpere034@jaguar.tamu.edu or @lanielovee on Instagram.