Girl Holding Her Knees




They’re all I hear. Are they my own? I don’t know.

Looking around and I see nothing, its pitch black in this room. 

There has to be something I can do, but my body aches and trembles.

My wrist are tied up, I can’t move not one bit… not at all.

The screams continue, I can sense the fear.

Then I realize it’s me, my fear, my pain, my screams.

It was all me.



That’s all I hear. 

White walls surround me.

The blood on my dress stands out more than you can imagine.

I can sense my own fear once again, it’s loud and clear.

I’m being told what happened to me was my fault,

“It happens to girls like you, just move on.”


Moving on…

My fear, my pain, my screams, it’s all still me.

It will always be apart of me, although I won’t let it define.

I will stand up for what is right.

This shouldn’t happen to girls like me, this shouldn’t happen to anyone, don’t you agree?

I am a victim of the assault but a fighter for us all.

I won’t just move on, I will keep fighting till justice is done.