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This Netflix Series Will Have You Saying “Ding-Dong, Darling!”

Out of all the streaming services we have to choose from, Netflix seems to really be out-doing itself. Everyone can agree that Netflix is a weakness for most people. How amazing is it that they have a variety of shows for people with all different types of interests? If you love glam, beauty, and all things cosmetics, Glow Up, is definitely a show you want to make time to binge!

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Glow Up is one of the newest TV competition series on Netflix and takes place in Great Britain. Each season, there are 10 contestants. The highly established judges are Dominic Skinner, Senior Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics, and Val Garland, the first person to be named L’Oreal Paris Global Makeup Director. Both judges have worked with fashion magazines such as Vogue. They also get the opportunity to travel the world to showcase their work. These judges provide the contestants with new challenges every week.

But the catch is, the two lowest-scoring make-up artists (MUA) will participate in a Face Off challenge. This challenge determines which MUA will be eliminated and it continues every week until someone is named the winner of Glow Up.

While watching this TV series, I discovered a newfound love for the artistic ability and creativity these MUA’s reveal. Each episode gives you something new to look forward to. Every contestant adds their own style and twist to each challenge. Waiting to see how their final look comes out is always a thrilling experience. Plus, they make the process of applying makeup look so incredibly easy! Personally, I have trouble applying a simple eyeliner or falsies.

I don’t want to disclose too many details about the show. However, I want to acknowledge the amount of talent and imagination it takes to be able to pull off what these artists are doing. If you ever feel like you need to be inspired, want to try a new makeup look, or looking for something fascinating to watch, this is the show for you!



Demi is a sophomore student at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. Demi is majoring in history and minoring in kinesiology- coaching with a teacher certification. Born and raised in Texas, Demi loves to travel to new destinations as often as she can. Demi is intrigued with all thing’s leopard print, pink and sparkly! In her free time, she enjoys shopping, making arts and crafts, and hanging out with her cats. Follow Demi on Instagram @demirenayv to get a glance at her life!
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