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Good Study Tips To Help You Get Back Into The Study Groove

Welcome back Jags, since everyone is going back to school it’s important to get back into good study habits especially since so many of us are doing school from home. Here are 4 tips to hopefully help you get into the groove of school again.


Have a good and comfortable work/study area.

Having a nice quiet area where you can work is important when studying. If you are on campus a good place to go is the library! You can reserve a study room for yourself or a group. This way you can make sure there are no distractions. If you’re doing school from home, you’ll want to set up a designated space for yourself so that you can work without distractions. How to do this? Make sure you away from any distractions like a TV, your phone, and other people. If it helps put your phone on the other side of the room to make sure you aren’t tempted. Also, make sure you’re comfortable, you’re probably going to be sitting down for a while so make it to where you won’t be distracted by having to move around a whole lot.


Have a routine set up for yourself

Setting up a routine for yourself is important to help you keep up with your work. Especially if you’re at home. Buy a planner like this and plan out your week every Sunday so you already put yourself in the mindset of your routine. It could be as simple as just setting your alarm and writing out what work you want to do for the day. Make it yours so that it motivates you to follow it.


Prioritize your work

Prioritizing will help you stay on top of your work to ensure you get that A. My suggestion is to write out everything you have to do for the day and list off what assignments are the most important to get done first. Making a list helps you stay organized and it’s super satisfying to cross off what you’ve finished.


Start a study group

Having a study group can be very helpful for your academic success. Find people from your class, link up with friends to get together by social distancing or on a video chat with your group. This helps you be held accountable for your work and makes schoolwork a little more fun


Those are my tips to help you get back in your school groove. Hopefully, this helps make this semester easier for you to get that A!

Mariah Silva


Criminology major at TAMUSA
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