The Cycle of Relationships

Now maybe no one thinks this way, or maybe my roommate Cardoza and I spend too much time watching New Girl and distracting ourselves from our real problems, so we come up with fake scenarios to try and understand our own 'love' lives. We took the time to break down how relationships are almost like seasons and what each season means in those terms. 


Falling out of love 


As classes begin, long-distance relationships crumble, and the start of something new begins. It's something about the back to school season where relationships start to fade slowly. Whether it's graduating high school and going on a different path than your significant other, or even the stress of trying to figure life out, can put a lot of pressure on a relationship. All the little things we were trying to avoid start to show during this time. 


Winter Wonderland Party of 1… Unless 


It's something about the Holidays that makes everyone want to jump into a relationship. It's "cuffing" season one might say. It's wanting to do all the cute Christmas stuff with a significant other that makes us want to jump into a relationship or have someone around to make the lonely feeling not be so bad anymore. From Zoo Lights, pumpkin patches, making gingerbread houses, ice skating, these are all things you can do with friends, but it just feels different when it's with someone else. 


Spring LOVE


I have always noticed that spring is the best time for relationships to start. The new year is still pretty fresh, and the sun is shining once more. Everyone is usually happy, and all we want to do is be out and about. It's as if Winter is the hibernating season, we are inside due to the cold weather, and when going back outside, we feel e v e r y t h i n g.


Hot Girl Summer


The cycle comes to an end at 'Hot Girl Summer.' These can be numerous things for everyone. It could be that the spring trial was not successful, so we're back at stage one. It could be that one is happily single, and they want to have the best summer they can and enjoy it. It might be that you are in a relationship, but that doesn't mean you can't go out and have a good time with your friends listening to Bad Bunny and Megan Thee Stallion. Also, during this season, we start to notice red flags if we are in a relationship, but we overlook them because we are so ecstatic about how life is going that we don't want it to end. It's almost like a whole honeymoon period, a summer-loving as Grease would sing. Not to put myself on blast, but all my relationships have started in the summer period, and I can remember being over the moon happy and slowly as summer began to end. That's when I realized there was a lot more to relationships than just cute dates. 


At the end of the day, being in a relationship is great. There are ups and downs, but it can be a beautiful thing when the work, respect, trust, communication, and love are there. However, there's nothing wrong with being single and just enjoying your time and focusing on things that benefit you. Heck! Maybe it's a little bit of both. In the end, it doesn't matter as long as you are happy, but it is funny how certain things occur during certain times of the year.