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5 San Antonio Coffee Joints You Shouldn’t Pass Up

There’s nothing cozier than curling up on a couch with a cup of hot cocoa or a steaming pot of coffee ready in the wings. Whether you’re going for your morning cup of coffee or for a mid-day pick up, coffee shops are a must. If you’re anything like me, you have your favorite Starbucks drink ready in mind and the barista practically knows your order from memory. What you may not know is that there are so many more places than just your neighborhood Starbucks. I’ve rounded up a few coffee joints that San Antonians will love to take a sip of.


The Luna Brew

If you’re in the Helotes area you need to try this all-original coffee truck. The Luna Brew does up fan favorites like Americano and Drip Coffee for those that love the classics. They primarily specialize in their own signature blends like an Apple Brown Betty (tastes like a cozy apple pie) and Iced Blue Moon Latte (blend of blackberry and vanilla over espresso). Don’t forget to try out their popular Lamington’s with your choice of coffee and be sure to order ahead on their website and check out their Insta.

Website: thelunabrew.com

Instagram: @thelunabrew


Southbound Coffee

Listen up TAMUSA students, DO NOT drive past Southbound Coffee. Embrace the flavors of Mexico with a Dirty Horchata to start off your morning or get grandma’s comforting touch right in a cup with an Abuelita’s Hot Chocolate. The owner, Adri, prides herself on improving and providing the best coffee experience she can to her customers and community. She is happily welcoming the fall season with her own blends of Pumpkin Pie Latte, Dulce de Nuez, and (for the spooky season) Candy Corn Latte – let’s not forget the newest addition, Granny Smith. Southbound’s bright pink coffee truck is ready to serve the morning rush and the sweet-toothed lunch.

Website: southboundcoffee.square.site

Instagram: @southboundcoffee210


Mila Coffee

Whether you’re on your way to the beautiful Pearl Brewery, wild San Antonio Zoo, or relaxing Japanese Tea Garden – make sure to stop by the Mila Coffee trailer for a quick coffee fix. Chill out on one of their patio tables while you wait for your Chai Latte or Americano. Their supplier of beans @tweedcoffee sells their specialty blends and ensures every cup made is Texas-born, raised and proud. Mila Coffee keeps its menu sweet and simple; ready for your perfect Instagram photoshoot.

Website: linktr.ee/milacoffeesa

Instagram: @milacoffeesa


Merit Coffee (Local Coffee)

Local Coffee, now Merit Coffee has locations ranging from Austin to Dallas to San Antonio. Whether you choose the Pearl Brewery location or one of the ones in north San Antonio, you can always grab at an Iced Americano or a sweet Blackberry Lemonade, if you’re not in the mood for coffee. There’s even a traveler size for those who are picking up for the office squad. Try something new; step out of your comfort zone.

Website: linktr.ee/meritcoffee

Instagram: @meritcoffee


Poetic Republic Coffee Company

This is a whole different aesthetic from the normal Starbucks atmosphere. From cup art to jazz night, Poetic Republic plays a different tune that I can totally get behind. Not only are they as mellow as they come, but this year-old coffee shop is not playing games. Their coffee pairs well with the conchas and besos. Not only do they serve coffee in-store, but they also sell their bean blends like Honduras, Guatemala and their Signature blend online and send it to your door. I don’t know about you, I’m about ready to place my order.

Website: linktr.ee/Poeticrepublic

Instagram: @poeticrepubliccoffee


Extra: Theory Coffee

It’s not just a Theory, it’s a fact. Theory Coffee has it all. They sell coffee by cup, gallon, and bag of beans. Their brand is all about the bean. They use their own bean blends for their lattes and cold brews. If you’re more of a self-made coffee drinker, don’t worry! Theory coffee sells its bean blends online by 12 oz, 2  and 5 pounds.

Website: theorycoffee.square.site

Instagram: @theorycoffee

My name’s Victoria Leyva. I'm a Senior at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. My goal is to finish out my English major and go right into teaching in my local community. In my down time I make friendship bracelets and curl up with a fun book.
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