3 Reasons You Should Shop at Small Businesses for Holiday Gifts

With Christmas around the corner, the rush to find gifts for family and friends is here. It can be intimidating to find the perfect gift for someone. Shopping at small businesses can help fulfill this search as there are so many unique shops that have very personal and sentimental potential gifts. Here are some reasons you should shop at small businesses for the holidays. 


Concentrated Content

In contrast to retail, small businesses usually have a certain aesthetic or genre of merchandise offered. This can be easy to find a gift catered to someone’s interest, yet something the recipient never thought to purchase for themselves. 


Personal and Sentimental

Once you find the shop you think your giftee will like the products from, it’s easier to find a more personal gift. Some shops have products where you can put names, initials, or anything you want personalized on different items.  This is an amazing gift as no one item will be the same, and it shows the person you got the gift for how much they mean to you.



Another perk of shopping small and the most influential reason is that you are helping the people running the business. Your purchase will help boost their sales and gain a customer. If the recipient of your gift likes the shop, they might also be inclined to make a purchase to that shop in the future. A place I love to shop is Etsy as there are many amazing shops and something for everyone. Shopping local small businesses are a plus because you are helping your local economy thrive.


When purchasing something from a small business, keep in mind that each shop has a different amount of stock and shipping times. Be sure to get your Christmas shopping done sooner than later. Happy Holidays!