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12 Online Clothing Shops I Splurged On During My Quarantine

While living in the middle of a pandemic, I’ve given up my right to “in-store” shopping for the safety of myself and others. I am incredibly obsessed with fashion; therefore, shopping is a must. Even with 20 dollars in my bank account (can anyone else relate?). Below, I’ve shared my fave online shops from the suggestion of a fashionista herself! 



If you haven’t heard of this store, you are missing out! Shein is one of the most affordable and trendy online clothing shops on the internet. Despite the long shipping, the site offers sales and deals daily! Just 30 dollars can go along way with Shein.



If you are looking for cute accessories, Romwe has a fantastic inventory! Despite the close similarities between Shein and Romwe, I buy my accessories more frequently on this website. Butterflies are the trendiest amongst college fashion, and the butterfly anklet I bought suits me well. If you are looking to purchase affordable cute accessories, I recommend Romwe.



Hands down, these garments are the best quality clothing I’ve ever owned. Boohoo offers a considerable variety of styles and clothing. The shipping was fast, considering it’s a UK based company, which ships faster than some US shops. Another benefit to Boohoo is their super organized website that makes shopping just as enjoyable as in-store shopping.   


Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing is a clothing store with a variety of body-positive fashion. They have a super-easy system that makes shopping for your size and height easy. For example, PLT haS different sections for various body types like plus, tall, and petite. I’ve always struggled to find clothes for my height, but with Pretty Little Thing, it’s super easy to shop for my liking. I recommend this site to anyone who has trouble finding clothes that feel comfortable and positive.


Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal has an amazing recycled section for their shoppers to consider buying from. This store has such a variety in style and strays away from one “style” or “aesthetic” of clothing. When I shop for myself, there are always such gorgeous pieces to choose from like blouses and skirts. Sadly, I can’t pick them all, but I wish I could!



The most affordable place to shop anything that screams beach vacation! This my go-to site for bathing suits that are not only chic but are also affordable and beyond fantastic quality. 


Fashion Nova

When I first heard of Fashion Nova, I nearly made myself go broke. Luckily, the daily sales on the site are pretty convincing but will convince you to grab as much as possible. That’s how much I was amazed by the cute clothes and accessories they sell.



ASOS is another body-positive shop I recommend! They have a great selection of tall, petite, and curve sections. Just like Pretty Little Thing, this site makes it easy to shop for body type and has an immense amount of variety in clothes selection as well as accessories and handbags. ASOS has almost everyone’s favorite brands for a lower price.


Amazon Fashion

Yes, Amazon. If you’re like me, then you probably already order from Amazon at least twice a week. Next time you are on the site check out their clothing section. They have a vast assortment of brands, styles, and prices. As a college student, you qualify for Prime! When shopping, make sure the items you purchase are prime. Shipping can come as fast as the next day! 



The options are truly endless when it comes to shopping on Depop. Sells are created daily on this popular app with a vast selection. From handbags, shoes, jackets, tops, and more, you can honestly find anything on the site for a range of prices. Many sellers do bundle deals that can save you the right amount of money at the end of the day. 



Adika is a less heard off shopping site, or at least with the people I talk to about it. If you are looking to expand your horizons, check out Adika. Although it tips towards the pricey side of shopping, it has hard-to-find aesthetics like trendy retro styles. 


Miss Guided US

The shop I probably spend hours adding items to my favorites is Miss Guided. This site is for my fellow fashion risk-takers. Their style of clothing is beautiful, and if you love fashion as much as I do, there is no disagreement with this statement. If you want to try new looks, I recommend checking them out.


Each shop has made my pockets hurt at some point, but each was worth it.

Hi, I'm Alexa! I'm an undergraduate communications major who is minoring in women's and gender studies at TAMUSA, with hopes to graduate in the spring of 2023. I love to write, paint, and spend quality time with my tiny looking cow kitten Momo. When I'm not doing that I'm either working or designing new pieces for my shop. So basically I'm a college girl who loves her kitten and fashion!
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